On This Day | 31 March

On this day: 1889: The Eiffel Tower is opened 1918: The United States switch to Daylight Saving Time (DST) for the first time. DST was first used by Germany Born on this day: 1596: René Descartes: French philosopher, mathematician Gone on this day: 1972: Meena Kumari: Indian actress

On This Day | 29 March

On this day: 1974: The Terracotta Army is discovered in Xi’an, China 2004: Ireland becomes the first country to ban smoking in all workplaces Born on this day: 1895: Ernst Jünger: German author Gone on this day: 1912: Robert Falcon Scott: English navy officer, explorer

On This Day | 28 Mar

On this day: 1910: The first seaplane in history takes off 1979: Three Mile Island nuclear power plant experiences a partial meltdown and radioactive leak Born on this day: 1936: Mario Vargas Llosa: Peruvian/Spanish journalist, author, Nobel Prize laureate Gone on this day: 1969: Dwight D. Eisenhower: 34th President of Read more…

On This Day | 27 March

On this day: 1871: England and Scotland compete in the first international rugby match 1980: The oil rig Alexander L. Kjelland collapses in high winds in the North Sea Born on this day: 1845: Wilhelm Röntgen: German physicist, Nobel Prize laureate Gone on this day: 1968: Yuri Gagarin: Russian pilot, Read more…