We have all been through it maybe once or more than once in our lives, where we just could not study! We did not have any will, or the concentration. It seems like the words on the pages are flying off into space, and refusing to go anywhere except where they matter, in our brain! Don’t worry, for everyone has been through it  and it is completely normal to feel so. This in no way means that you are incapable or not smart. What it means is that you might be going through a ‘Study Block’.

A Study Block is similar to a Writer’s Block, where in both there is a shared feeling of “being stuck at one thing”, “feeling of a mental barrier”, “inability to study/write”, “lack of clarity of ideas”, etc. There can be a lot of reasons behind this, but it can be improved upon by following some simple tips that we have put together by the means of this article for you, or anyone who is going through a study block. Read on to know simple activities that can be undertaken to get over a study block:

1. Start with revising familiar topics

One of the best tips to get over a study block is to start by revising what you have already learnt. When you do this, it not only opens up your brain but also helps you in understanding the new topics faster. Needless to say, revising old topics is already important to keep it in memory, but it is also beneficial in combating a nasty study block!

2. Warm up your brain before you start studying

If you feel like you are unable to study, or are lacking concentration, then give exercising before you study a try. Exercising makes your body release a lot of oxygen rich blood throughout your body and mind, which not only helps in overall fitness but also helps your mind relax and all ready to concentrate on new information. All in all, it also helps a lot in retaining already read topics!

3. Switch topics when you get stuck

A lot of times when you get stuck on a specific topic or concept, you might feel incapable of going ahead, which in turn gives rise to a study block. One of the best techniques to handle such situations is to leave the particular topic in which you are facing the issue, and move on to other topics or even other subjects. Doing this saves you from wasting a lot of time on one topic and shutting from your brain to study other remaining subjects!

4. Supply your body with fruits and regular water

Our senses and our mind are important organs that help us function and study. It is very important to not slack on your daily nutrient consumption while you study for long hours. You should always keep munching on fresh fruits and incorporate lots of green leaves in your diet, as these enrich your body and its important organs. While you are at it, don’t forget to stay hydrated throughout the day. Being dehydrated can cause a lot of issues, and gives rise to lack of concentration and fatigue while studying for long hours. 

5. Take small breaks in between

Sometimes studying continuously can tire you and fill your brain with too much information at once. This in turn gives rise to our brain refusing to accept more information and hence puts us in a study block. To overcome such situations, always take timely breaks in between every study session. You can take small walks in between, listen to some soothing music, or even do anything else while being seated at your seat! Doing this refreshes your mind and makes room for more knowledge and information in your mind.

6. Take help of friends and family

Who says you have to study alone? When you feel like you are going through a study block, you can always invite your friends for a study session. This is a fun way to get everyone to study at once, and also gives a good opportunity to clear any doubts which you might be facing. If meeting friends for a study session is not possible, you can even do this with your family members and seek their useful guidance, which is always an added bonus.

7. Challenge yourself to overcome the block

It is important to remember to not be too hard on yourself. It is a normal thing to not feel like studying at times. What you can do to get over a mental barrier is to set goals for yourself everyday and try to complete them. You need to fight off any distractions and be motivated to complete your study goals for the day, be it one topic or several. When you complete your goals consistently, you should always reward yourself, by doing something you like doing, or maybe simply treating yourself to some cookie! Going this keeps you focused on your goals and motivated to tick off more and more aims.

8. Make a schedule and follow it

Oftentimes when you don’t have a well defined structure set out for you, then it gets difficult to motivate yourself to study. Make a schedule for everyday for each week, wherein you assign each day for different topics that you have to study. You can also mix up the schedule by adding different subjects each day, to bring a variety of topics that will make studying interesting as well as help you catch up in every subject.Having a well structured schedule helps have a grip on your study habits, as well as motivates you to follow it everyday without fail.

Pro Tip: You can make your schedules on a paper, or even on your mobile phone! Though we would suggest making it in a place where you can see it verify frequently and get motivated to study!

9. Change of study environment 

Although one should always have a well defined study space, which is decently lit and has windows to let fresh air and bright sunlight in, it is often helpful to switch places for a change of environment. When you feel like you are having a study block, and lack of concentration, try studying in a different room of your house. You can also try studying in an open area as it not only does it stimulate your senses, it also refreshes our mind which helps clear any mental blockages you might be having. 

Pro Tip: Being near plants, or having plants in the room where you study has been said to make your concentration better. Therefore, incorporate plants in your study room, as they also help tackle the issue of study block!

10. Give your mind and body a rest

Sometimes it is good to listen to the signs that your bodies give you and try to work on it by listening to its needs. When you are tired, and your body needs a rest, you might find it hard to concentrate. Therefore, as important as it is to study, it is equally important to give your mind and body a time to heal and rest . Doing so also makes sure that you don’t feel sleepy in the middle of your study sessions!

Pro Tip: You can also take help of power naps when you are facing a time crunch and want to cover a lot of topics soon!

We hope the above tips help you in times when you need motivation to study and focus. So go on and shake off the feeling of “I can’t do it” by replacing it with a firm “Yes! I can do this!” Happy studying!

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