The first impression that the word law has on our minds is the picture of a courtroom scene that is usually depicted in Bollywood. We all have loved both the movies of Jolly LLB. Similarly, we are so much in awe with the series The Suits. Law as a career has been considered as one of the most prestigious careers. Yet it is still believed that only those whose parents or relatives are in a law firm have a bright future in this industry. Let me tell you, this is not what the reality is. For opening your eyes to what the present scenario is regarding a career in law, read this article! 

A quick overview of Bachelor’s in Law

  • Those interested in making a career in law can pursue 5 year BA LLB or a 3-year law after pursuing graduation in any subject. 
  • For admission to BA LLB, common law tests or entrances are conducted that are highly competitive in nature. 
  • This entrance can be taken by students in any stream and Mathematics or any subject is not considered to be eligibility criteria for the law. 
  • Law also provides a specialization in various fields such as corporate law, criminal law, intellectual property law, etc. 

Subjects taught under BA LLB

A degree in law enriches you with numerous subjects that improve your intellect and analytical reasoning skills. Some of those subjects are as follows. 

  • Labour law
  • Criminal law
  • Jurisprudence
  • Law of torts
  • Constitutional laws and amendments
  • Ethics
  • Land laws
  • Legal aids

Studying law does not mean rote learning the Constitution of India. There are various subjects that increase our knowledge of various legal proceedings. There are various specializations also like mergers and acquisitions in corporate law, any gender-related or women related legal information, etc. 

Skill enhancement

Law is a professional course and it is bound to improve certain important skills for your overall development. The subjects and the corresponding internships that you will do in these 5 years will work on these skills. 

  • Persuasiveness
  • Intellect
  • Problem-solving
  • Analytical reasoning
  • Research and communication skills
  • Writing ability
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Articulation and critical analysis

Need in industry

Law is considered to be a famous career option for many people including journalists, politicians, etc. A lawyer is someone we look up to due to their knowledge of a wide variety of issues. No matter what, for any new thing like for setting up a new firm or buying a new house or for any other legal advice, we turn to lawyers. Similarly in the economy and business, there are needs of legal advisers. Hence, as long as this economy is working well, there will always be a growth in career options of law. Legal advice is a pivotal part of any firm. 

Also, we have learned in junior classes that our Judiciary is an independent authoritative organ that requires lawyers to work efficiently. 

Some traditional careers in law

There is a plentitude of job opportunities available in law. Some of the types of specializations in lawyers are 

  • Environment
  • Criminal
  • Tax lawyer
  • Family lawyer
  • Securities lawyer
  • Intellectual property

Apart from these, there are other career options in which you work independently or for a corporate. 

  • Legal analysts
  • Legal journalism
  • Arbitration
  • Litigation
  • Legal assistant
  • Advisers

There are also numerous options in the government sphere. You can become Solicitor General, Public prosecutor or the Judge. For recruitment into these, you have to give the Public service commission. 

Some new-age career options

With changing times comes new career options. Some of the new areas where you can explore a career are


As cybercrimes are increasing day by day, so does the need for cyber law. There is an umpteen number of issues pertaining to Cyberlaw. So maybe you can become an adviser of Cyberlaw and security or handle the administration of Cyberlaw. 

International law and business

International law is not a new field but it is gaining popularity day by day. By specializing in international law, you can work in the multinationals that require advisers for doing legal work. 

You can even work in an international organization with such a degree specialization. 

Creative field 

The creative field these days is filled with varied options. Maybe you can open your own podcast or create a blog and work as freelancers giving people legal advice. It’s all about how you use the opportunities and your dynamic mind. 

Top companies you can work with and the perks

Some of the big law firms in India are Jyoti Sagar Associates, Khaitan, and company, Luthra and Luthra, etc. Law is one of the highest paying professions but that happens with your experience, knowledge, and caliber. Initial remuneration can be around 35k to 40k per month. The added perk is the respect that entails a degree of law. Since time immemorial, a legal person or a lawyer is seen with great high esteem. 

Myths related to law

It’s a misconception that lawyers are basically liars and that one needs to be clever to do good in law. Also, many parents are of the opinion that you need to be exceptionally well in studies to do good in law. To break all those myths, read this article and get your clarifications done. 

Backup options

Even if you feel that practicing law or giving out legal advice is not a suitable job for you, you can still switch your career. Have you read Becoming by Michelle Obama? 

Well Michelle Obama herself studied law and worked with one of the best law firms, only to change her career later in life. 

  • You can go to work in the social sector or NGOs. 
  • You can work with any firm in the development sector of rural or urban areas. 
  • You can even go for teaching positions in schools and colleges. 

Famous personalities who have done law

Well, the list is long for this. BR Ambedkar, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Obama are some of those great personalities who have studied law. You can check out more famous personalities here. 

How to get into this wonderful course? 

It must be fascinating to build a career in law that gives you a plethora of options and opportunities. There is also the added advantage of hearing legal proceedings and actually relating to it. For colleges and entrance preparations, check out individual exam info under Eazyprep’s Exam menu.

So now I hope I got you covered for what all is there in law. For a great experience and insightful career, surely go for law.