Cancellations : All sales made on eazyprep.com, or any of its sub-domains, will be considered final once an order confirmation is sent from our side. No cancellations for any of Eazyprep’s paid products are allowed thereafter.

Refund: There is no refund policy for any paid products on Eazyprep or any of its sub-domains. 

Refund is only allowed in the special circumstance(s) as listed below:

  1. Incorrect Purchase:  Refund can be allowed in case of wrong selection of product while making the payment. In such cases, the user needs to contact support@eazyprep.com within 24 hours of purchase. Please note that the payment in such cases will only be adjusted against another product(s) fee and not settled in cash. 
  1. Duplicate Transactions: If a user makes duplicate transactions for the same product due to human error/technical glitch, refund would be initiated after an in-house investigation. Duplicate transactions need to be reported at support@eazyprep.com within 24 hours of the last transaction.

The refund will be processed subject to deduction of Promotional Discounts/Cash backs, GST/other taxes, administrative charges etc., and the procedure for the same shall be initiated within 24 hours of request for refund being sent to support@eazyprep.com.

As a condition of being a paid user of Eazyprep products, you expressly acknowledge that you have read and understood this Refund Policy and you agree to be bound by its terms and conditions. If at any time you disagree with this Refund Policy or any part of it, your sole remedy is to cease use of all eazyprep.com services and terminate your account. However, any transactions occurring prior to the date of such termination shall be governed and controlled in full by the terms of this Refund Policy.