We are what we repeatedly do,

Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.

– Aristotle

It is impossible to reach the bank of the sea without knowing the sea. This is as similar as you are going to appear in an examination without knowing the abcd of the exam. If you are also preparing for competitive exams and going to appear in a forthcoming entrance exams, then your every single step towards success should be worth it. For this purpose you need to know how exams are designed and mapped from various subjects of the syllabus. So previous years question papers play a vital role in getting the knowhow of the exam pattern. You will be able to get the blueprint of the exam, in this way you can get a head start for your preparation.

Benefits of previous years question paper

An idea can change your life! It is observed that previous years papers can be a panacea for any entrance exam, your 50% of preparation can be done with the help of past 5 to 6 years question papers. Many standard books and magazines are configured with an idea to cover all past trends followed in the examination.

Practice makes you win the battlefield

In order to succeed in any exam practice is the golden key, if you have prepared and practiced well for your examination it will leave no stone left unturned. Previous year papers will let all the topics covered in one go and there you will be able to analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

It will help you to know about yourself, the most important thing is that nobody will be able to tell your weaknesses. You will be able to analyze at which level of preparation you are and how much preparation is left and where you are actually lagging.

Always remember Sophia Amoruso’s words:

“True success lies in knowing your weaknesses and playing to your strengths”

You will be great at managing time

Frankly speaking when you are at the examination hall, time is the king of game. It can change your game within a blink of an eye.Then you are only left with a guilt of not attempting the questions that are known to you. It’s a fair game of time, if you practice previous year question papers then it will be easy for you to manage time accordingly and it gives an idea of the real time situation of exams and you can acclimate yourself to the exam environment.

It will help you strategize your mission

“A vision without a strategy remains an illusion.” 

Lee Bolman

You all know how important it is to devise a plan in order to get victory in any mission. Previous year papers help you to know about your weaknesses and with that you can prepare a strategy on how much you have to spend on each section of your entrance syllabus. In this fashion you will be able to set small-small goals which gradually leads you towards your success.

Boost your confidence level

While preparing if you practice past few years papers on a regular basis, it will enhance the confidence level to a great extent. You will find yourself less nervous at the time of exam.

As previous years question papers are the most authentic source of syllabus, many standard magazines as well as exam preparation books always include past 6 to 10 years of question papers in their content. Solve at least 10 years of question papers and try to analyze and figure out the frequency of questions asked.

Nowadays when the level of competition is at the pinnacle and everybody is in aware and is in the rat race of achieving more and more marks this technique is quite efficient . Also in these this  time of cut throat competition where everyone want to get at the top you have to do a smart work instead of doing hard work . Although you still have to study at a deeper level there’s no shortcut to it but this technique of analyzing previous years question papers can help you to pinpoint the major catchment areas of your studies.

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