Here is an important update about the CBSE Board exams. All of us know that the number of COVID-19 cases in India are rising rapidly. Keeping the safety of students in mind, the Ministry of Education had a meeting with the Prime Minister and has decided to take the following steps:

  1. Class 10th Board Exams have been canceled
  2. Class 12th Board Exams have been postponed till 30th May at least

The situation will be reviewed by the government on the 1st of June and revised dates will be announced after that.

For state board students, state boards are likely to follow suit, so please follow the news about your state’s decision.

What can you do in these moments of uncertainty?

We know that this time must be extremely stressful for you, and these sudden changes and uncertainties must be extremely frustrating. But here are a few steps you should take to ensure your physical and mental well-being:

  1. Continue your exam preparation for board exams. Revise again and again. Focus on the topics that you did not excel in till now or did not get a chance to cover.
  2. Stay in touch with friends and peers. Having discussions with them will help ease your tension, but don’t believe in any rumors.
  3. Communicate with your family members and make sure you share your stress, if any, with them.
  4. Keep updated about board exams. Eazyprep is always there to give you timely updates.
  5. Keep a lookout on our Exam Notifications and Updates page because the dates of entrance exams may change along with the change in board exam dates.
  6. Use these stress management tips for students if you ever feel the stress alarm bells ringing.

In case you are all set for your boards, you could also start checking out which entrance exams you would like to go in for here. If you have already decided on your exams, take a look at our learning zone for free study material.

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