Body and sleep have a relationship beyond explanation of words, especially when one is reading a boring chapter. One can well imagine the sleep wave which comes the moment we open such books. But, what to do?

We can’t shut the books and doze off to sleep for sure! So, why not try some hacks on how to deal with sleepiness during the day. 

How To Handle Sleepiness 

Sleep is something which cannot be compromised by all. But neither can studies be stopped. So, the easiest thing to do is to trick your body and mind. Try and learn how to handle tiredness. 

After a long day of forming a good equation with books, sleep comes like an unexpected guest. We need to learn that studying is not always stimulating. Avoiding sleep seems relatively tougher than quantum physics. Don’t worry! 

Here are some tips for you on how to handle fatigue. 

1. Keep moving

Studies suggest that an indoor walk of hardly 10 minutes helps in memory retention. It also helps you in staying awake. Try taking breaks in between studies or working to indulge in walking, running or jumping. This is a great way to deal with sleepiness during the day.

Apart from this, these small breaks will also keep stress at bay. You can probably use this time in self-retrospection. Thinking, drawing conclusions, study plans etc. are generally good things to do while moving. And the physical health benefits of walking are a well known to all of us. 

2. Keep your water intake high 

Time and again, people have told us the importance of hydration. But who knew that keeping hydrated helps in preventing sleep, too! Dehydration makes the body sleep more, perhaps by draining your energy. 

Aim to drink 10-12 glasses of water each day. There have been studies which claim that water helps in maintaining a good concentration while studying, a great when fact to remember when you feel unfocused after lunch. Drinking water will help you in staying alert for sure. 

3. Avoid your bed 

Childhood has many stories attached to it. You must have heard your mother/grandmother saying that your bed never wants you to leave it. Turns out, it just might be true. If you sit and study on your bed, slowly slowly, you’ll lie down and gradually fall asleep. So, avoid being around your bed when it comes to studying. 

Either sit in another room on a table chair and study. Or, shift your study table in your room and make sure you study on that only. Bed for studying isn’t a good idea. 

4. Light it up!

A dim light gives a gloomy effect and makes you feel tired. You’ll wonder how to deal with tiredness. 

Let me tell you, the aura of the room automatically changes with dim lighting. Dim lighting is soothing and comfortable. This is a hack for a comfortable sleep, don’t opt for it if you want to study! 

Instead, while studying, go for brighter lights. Opt for a room which has good natural light. You will feel fresh and lively and will give studying a better shot. You’ll be more awake and energetic. 

5. Sit Properly 

Since our childhood, we’ve been seeing people focusing on having the correct posture. Who knew, that one day, we’ll find this is a studying hack too. Your sitting position is related to the activity of your nervous system. And as you know, the nervous system controls the body alertness. 

Let’s draw the most advantage from this fact. Sitting and lying affect the alertness of the body. So if you feel tired, try and sit in an upright position. You’ll feel more focused and active. Also, get up and walk a little. This will increase the blood circulation and help you in gaining back your concentration. 

6. Get some quality sleep

Though, we are talking about the tricks to deal with sleepiness, we should not forget that our body needs rest. For a proper functioning brain and body, you need quality sleep. So, if you are a person who likes to study in the day, try getting a comfortable sleep of 7-8 hours at night. When you wake up, you should feel fresh. 

However, if you are a night owl when it comes to studying, make sure that you are not missing out on those important sleep hours. Opt for a routine, which suits you the best. It’s your body and you should know how to deal with sleepiness. Don’t force anything upon yourself- do what suits your body the most.

So that’s about it. Try these 6 hacks the next time your eyelids threaten to droop and your book pages turn blurry in your sleepiness. Over and out!

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