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Just entered the last week before your exams? Thinking about the preparation strategies that should be followed this last week? Well, you have come to the right place. In this article, you can read all about exam readiness, what you should be doing during the last week before your exam. Given below are 10 tips, which when followed can give you efficient results.

Exam Readiness

Exam Readiness Tips

1. Do not overexert yourself

Most students, during the last weeks before the exam, have a tendency to overexert themselves, trying to cover every part of the syllabus. This might lead to exhaustion and increased stress levels. So try to read up on these new areas of the syllabus for only 1 to 2 hours a day. Keep aside the rest of the time for revision.

2. Get enough sleep

Do not try to pull all nighters in the last week before your exam. Try to get at least 6 hours of sleep a day. Lack of sleep can lead to physical exhaustion which might then hinder your performance in the exam.

3. Prepare a Study Space

Pick out a quiet place for studying, without any distractions. With the help of a neatly drawn up study time table, make sure that you don’t waste time. But also make sure that you have enough breaks in between to keep your mind refreshed.

4. Practice Solving Question Papers

It is during the last week before the exam that you need to solve as many practice papers and previous question papers as possible. This will help you in analyzing the areas in which you are a little weak, so that you can effectively use your time in preparing for that section.

5. Organize Study Groups

In the last week before the exam, you can organize study groups with your friends taking the same exam. If you have any doubts in any of the sections of the exam, you can ask for their help. You can also share the study materials between yourselves.

6. Eat healthy food

Drink plenty of water and eat healthy food in the week prior to the exam. Make sure that you are not trying any new dish or cuisine, which may not suit your body and cause you to fall sick. Do not eat too much of anything, so that you have digestion problems before the exam. Thus, make sure you are in the pink of health on the day of the exam.

7. Plan your exam day

Think about all things you might need on the day of the exam like pens, pencils, calculators, etc. and keep them ready beforehand. Do not put off anything to the last moment before the exam and create unnecessary stressful situations.

8. Prioritize sections

By the week before the exam, you will get to know the areas in the syllabus which you are strong and weak in. You can use the last week to equalise your knowledge levels in all the sections. Prioritise your study time for the sections you are weak in. 

9. Prepare short notes

Prepare short notes on topics that you think you will have to take one more look at before entering the exam hall. You can make cue cards, so that you don’t have to spend so much time reading at the last moment. Just make sure you prepare notes for the most important topics.

Exam Readiness
10. Go Offline

It might sound difficult in this digital era. But going offline can earn you a lot of time in preparation. For the last week before the exam, keep away from messengers and social media sites, so that you can use your time effectively to prepare for the exam, without any distractions.

Hope this article was helpful in making clear what exam readiness is. We wish you all the best for the exam!

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