Hey there! How would you react if someone (basically us) told you that exams are actually very beneficial? We know, we know, you must be pondering and screaming loud in your head, “What?! No way! Exams are a pain!” but hear us out on this one. Exams are actually much more than what they seem at first glance. It is an assessment process which almost everyone in their life has gone through, at small or big level. Even though for most people, exams are only good for giving stress and anxiety, there’s something very useful which they teach you along the way, but you are unaware of this gain because of your loathing for them. Yes, exams even though highly stressful are a great way to shape your character. We are sure we have your attention now! Read on to know how exams give a shape and enhance your character by silently imparting the following while you prep away for your exams: 

  • They make you ambitious

When you give exams for different colleges and universities, you have a force that drives you and motivates you to do well, secure a great rank because you want to be in a certain field and learn more and more about its working and move ahead in life. Exams make you ambitious, they make you motivated to seek out into avenues which would decide your future. It gives you a sense of goal, like how you want to score a perfect hundred, or how you want to secure the first rank in an entrance, or how you want to improve upon your scores from the last time, and so on. It kindles a fire inside you to keep at your aim and not stop until you achieve it, and this my friend, is exactly what being ambitious means.

  • They increase your capacity to work

Exams are no joke, and require endless hours of study sessions to cover numerous topics. While you study for these exams, you are working hard to attain a goal in your mind, and when you set your intent on achieving something, you work hard. A Lot of times this hard work must have given you success in exams and motivated you to do better each time. The sweet taste of success by working hard is enjoyed by all, which makes an individual trust their abilities and continue on the journey of growth and accomplishment by giving their best each time, hence shaping them into a hardworking individual. 

  • They train you to multi-task

While exams are an important and unavoidable part of life, there are other aspects of your life which require equal attention. Students like you, who manage studying for exams, giving time to family and friends, maintaining your physical as well as mental health, taking enough rest and also managing numerous other aspects of life are actually great at multitasking! Exams time turns even the laziest of students into efficient multi-taskers and this is a rather useful trait that you gain which will come in handy throughout your life!

  • They help you organize

When you prepare for different subjects for the exams, it is very natural that you will start by sorting out the topics that you find easy to do, topics that are hard and need more time, and topics that need more researching. This compartmentalisation and sorting different topics out and planning according to them teaches you the skill of organisation. So, while you are actually busy sorting topics out according to their difficulty level, you are actually gaining the important trait of organization which is sure to help you in other aspects of your life as well!

  • They teach you punctuality

You must have noticed how your schedule changes during the dreadful exam time. You start allocating certain time for doing various activities like studying in morning, revising around evening, etc. Exams, although notorious for adding stress, should also be appreciated for making you punctual in following your routines in a timely manner. Making a schedule motivates you to stick to it and be regular and punctual in your daily life, and being punctual is one of the biggest positive traits that a person can possess. It makes you stand out from the crowd and gives your life a discipline that helps you stay on your path and goals in an efficient manner. Not to forget, punctuality is liked by all!

  • They make you determined 

If there is one thing that takes you through all those all-nighters before the exams, it is your sheer will and determination to complete the syllabus on time. Students often don’t realise it, but each of them possess different levels of determination in them which motivates them and pushes them even when they feel distracted to complete the goals that they have set for themselves. Students learn the concept of determination best when they are put under pressure while being surrounded by all kinds of distractions (yes, we are talking about your best friend, aka your mobile phone). Situations like exams add the quality of determination in people to achieve goals in life, be it big or small, and to never stop until you get what you put your mind and energies to. 

  • They help you stay focused

All those hours of concentrating on your books and laptops, to understand a concept sure does make you a focused individual. Good study session, without any distractions is a sign of how focused you have become and it only comes from a lot of practice, which almost everyone gets when they try to cram up the syllabus a night before the exams. Just kidding!

  • They make you skillful

Goes without saying, but all that studying and hours of reading about different subjects does make you knowledgeable and skillful. Exam preparation entails continuous revisions and coming across new knowledge, which make you efficient and aware about them. All the concepts or notes may not come in exams, but they sure will stick to you for life. As they say, knowledge is never wasted!

  • They help make you responsible 

When you study for exams, you have the utmost responsibility on your head on how to strategize and prepare for them. You are the one who decides on how you go about them, how much effort you will be putting, and how you will carry out the whole preparation. Exams, therefore, are a great way to make you responsible about your life, and career. Whether you clear the exam or not lies solely on your level of hardwork and planning. Exams teach kids to be responsible from a very young age, which helps shape their present as well as their future.

  • They teach you optimism

Last but not the least, not every exam has been or will be successful. It is normal to not clear some exams, for which you may or may not have prepared adequately. But, every failure teaches you to not lose hope and be optimistic. One exam cannot define your worth or ability, it is just one page in your life and you have an entire book to write with your hardwork and dedication. Bad exams teach you to put more effort, shows you your weak areas and teaches you to work harder and look ahead to give even better exams. Exams and failures make you optimistic about the future and having better luck at them for the next time, which in itself applies to all kinds of failure in life. 

We know people don’t particularly enjoy exam time, but while they crib and cry about them, there is also a lot more to it than just the negative aspects. Exams are also helpful in shaping one’s character. They may be stressful, but never forget that diamonds are made under pressure. They make you a better person, even without you noticing it!

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