Rules while preparing for an entrance are strict and should not be compromised. But, what’s the fun of an entrance preparation, if the festival celebration isn’t at stake? The battle between the festivals and exam preparation is endless. 

Let’s discuss some effective tips for studying during the festive season, and decrease your conundrum. 

Study Tips For Festive Season

If you plan to participate in the festival celebrations, it does not mean that you have to give up on your preparation, altogether. It is rightly said that a busy man has the time for everything. But, we need to realise that it comes with proper planning and execution, of course! We belong to a country which has diverse festivals and celebrations. So, if your preparation and festival celebration clashes, here are some suggestions for you. 

1. Advance Preparation 

All students need to realise that it is important to have an advanced preparation during the festive season. Make this time to revise the syllabus instead of studying the new concepts. Instead of the busy hours of the day, take out time during early morning or late night. Also, discuss important topics which need to be covered on priority. 

You can take help from your friends, too. This will play a major role in sustaining the preparation while enjoying the festivities as well. 

2. Make Your Own Study Space 

During the festival time, you tend to have a lot of guests around. So, to avoid that, set up your own little study space. This place inside your house should have no disturbance or interactions. Make sure you do not have access to television, movies etc. while studying. Try and get the maximum output within the time invested. You can take short breaks to see and meet people if you want. But, make sure that these breaks don’t last for hours. 

3. Right Attitude Is Important 

So, it’s important for you to understand that you can’t always prepare for your entrance with a high momentum. A proper break for efficient working of the mind and body is essential. A preparation with the right attitude and the well planned breaks is great. Development of the right attitude will give you much needed clarity. This will also help you deal with the stress which a person tends to face during the festive season. Overall, in life as well, the correct attitude is going to take you places. 

4. Routine Adjustment 

Accept that your study routine needs an adjustment during the festive season. Accept that the festive time is a quality one, which you can spend with your friends and family. Participate in all the activities with your whole heart and avoid unnecessary stress and tension during this time. In between, study in breaks with high concentration and productivity, if needed. 

Remember, the main aim is to strike a balance between your preparation and the festive time. Participate in what all you can participate in and let go of what you can’t control during this time. Perhaps you’ll only be able to study 1 hour everyday. It’s okay, that’s better than not studying at all! Go back to normal routine once you are done with the festivities. 

5. Don’t Complicate Anything 

This is that time of the year when you need to keep things simple. Don’t look for perfection in your activities. Divide your day and make a do-to-list. This is the time when multitasking like studying, household work, guests, prayers, guests etc. is expected from you. So, instead of demotivating yourself, try and look at the brighter side. 

Opt for doing things in a simple way. Don’t overburden yourself with things which you cannot do. Do the things which can be well managed by you. 

6. New Ways Of Learning 

With so much of hustle and bustle going around, it’s a little difficult to study normally. So, grab opportunities which help you discover new ways of learning. Start looking for alternatives to various things. Learn to develop a holistic approach, inculcate your views and ideas to different things. 

All these are going to help you in forming your ideas about various topics. Why not take this time to prepare for interviews instead? You will be surrounded by people and discussions in any case! 

In short, there’s a lot which you can do during the festivities. Establishing a balance between your studies and festivities is the need of the hour. 

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