IP university Vs Delhi University stands out to be the hot debate every year. The dream of being a part of big university results in the dilemma of choosing between two big universities. In India, IP university and Delhi University are two big names. Whenever IP university Vs Delhi University is taken, it becomes difficult to draw results among these two.

The choice of university is a big factor for getting future job opportunities. Therefore, a student always takes decisions wisely, especially when IP university Vs Delhi University is concerned. If you are also an aspiring candidate who just completed his/her secondary education this year, and thinking about the IP university Vs Delhi University comparison, then this article is for you.

With this article, we have summed up all the differences between IP university and Delhi university. With the points of IP University Vs Delhi University, a student can make a wise decision for taking admission.

Ip University Vs Delhi University

IP University VS Delhi University: Detailed Comparison

1. Basic Difference

The first point in the IP university VS Delhi university stands out to the basic information, which is as follows:

Full NameGuru Gobind Singh Indraprastha UniversityDelhi University
Year of Establishment19981922
OwnershipState-ownedCentral government-owned
DegreesBoth PG and UG degree courses are there at IPUBoth PG and UG degree courses are there at DU.
Number of Courses available1797571
Colleges Affiliated12077

2. Mode of Entry/ Admission

One of the most important points in IP university VS Delhi University is the Mode of Admission. First of all, the basic mode of admission in any university can be of two types:

1. Merit-Based: In merit-based admission criteria, a university releases a cut-off percentage for every course. Any student clearing that cut-off becomes eligible for admission.

2. Entrance Based: In an entrance-based admission system, a university conducts its entrance-based test. The entrance test is generally objective nowadays and is conducted through online mode. After which, cut-offs are released. Any student clearing that cut-off becomes eligible for admission.

In IPU, the mode of admission is Entrance only. IPU conducts an entrance exam under the name, CET. IPU CET is an online entrance exam conducted for various examinations. Any aspiring candidate needs to give IPU CET and must clear cut off to move into the second round. It is followed by a counseling session and then colleges are allotted to all selected candidates.

While in Delhi University, the mode of admission is both Entrance and Merit based. In many courses, Delhi university grants admission on a merit-based only. While for some courses, entrance is conducted for granting admission to students.

3. Fee Structure

Fee Structure is another point in IP university VS Delhi university. The fee structure of IP university ranges high as compared to Delhi university. In IPU, the fee can range up to INR 150000, for a year. While in Delhi university, the fee ranges from INR 11000-55000 for a year. Delhi university follows the CBCS system, which means that 1 year includes 2 semesters.

4. Job Opportunities

In terms of Job Opportunities, both the universities stand out to be the same. Job opportunities for any student are great in both IPU and DU. However, Delhi university is most preferred by companies while recruiting. But this doesn’t mean that IPU doesn’t provide better job opportunities. Companies like EY, KPMG, and Deloitte are part of campus placements conducted by Delhi University.

5. Scope of Extra-Curricular Activities

The scope of extra-curricular activities also comprises an important point in IP university VS Delhi University. Many students expect college life to be full of extra-curricular activities, therefore this point also needs attention. The scope of extra-curricular activities is too limited in IPU.

While in Delhi university, students can enjoy and participate in extra-curricular activities. In Delhi University, activities and events like Fests, Elections, and Competitions are conducted every year. A student can participate in elections and fests. However, a student should know this fact that elections time doesn’t disturb the campus environment. This happens only in one or two colleges of Delhi University which a student can easily avoid.

Ip University Vs Delhi University

Conclusion: Which University is Better?

IP university VS Delhi University concludes that both universities are good in their respect. However, Delhi University stands a little high than IPU. Reasons that make Delhi University better than IPU include

1. As mentioned above in IP University Delhi university point, the fee structure of Delhi university is quite more affordable for any student.

2. The job opportunities of Delhi university are better in terms of companies and pay scale.

3. Among IP universities VS Delhi University, Delhi University has better scope in terms of extra-curricular activities.

4. Delhi university is much older than IP university which makes this university more popular among students.

5. Many celebrities got their education from Delhi university.

Therefore, in the IP University Vs Delhi University, Delhi University is better. However, the competition level in Delhi University is high as compared to IPU. Therefore, IP university is the second-best option for a student.

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