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Looking for how to prepare for your first online exam? You’ve come to the right place! Online exams have now become the new method of admissions to major institutions all over the world. Exams taken online are a little trickier than offline exams. Though the exam syllabus and structure remains the same, a lot more depends on the environment of the candidate taking an exam during this online phase of admissions. This article will give you an idea of what all you must do to ensure the successful completion of an online exam.

Online Exam

1. Understand the timings

One of the most important steps in attending an online examination is understanding the guidelines of the exam. Check the date and time that the exam is going to take place. When it comes to online exams, some institutions give a window, wherein the candidate can attend the exam at any time, provided that it falls in the window. But others give a specific time wherein the student can only log in at a particular time and attend the exam. So, make sure about the timings of your exam.

2. Register Number and ID

Check your admit card and make sure what your register number and password is, since you will have to provide them during the exam. Some of the exams might need you to provide personal ID or college ID as identity proof, most probably scanned. Read the guidelines carefully and keep the required ready.

3. Keep writing instruments ready

Keep everything you need for the exam ready beforehand. Some online exams will require candidates to draw or write and answer and scan and upload the answer sheet to the given link. In such cases, make sure you have kept answer papers and stationary ready by your side so that you will not have to get up and move away from the camera, which might cause misunderstandings.

4. Calculators and Watch

Check the guidelines as to whether you have the permission to use calculators or a watch. If yes, keep everything ready beforehand. Make sure you have a good calculator and a good watch to check time. Do not panic trying to find good devices on the day of the exam.

5. Keep your clothes ready

Keep your clothes ready the day before. Since online exams will have proctoring, some of the institutions put forward a specific style of outfit. Read through the guidelines beforehand and keep your clothes ready. Even if the institution has not specified a specific dress style, keep your clothes ready the previous day anyway, to avoid last minute rush.

6. Check your Computer

The next most important thing that you need to do is checking your computer thoroughly before the exam. Make sure the hardware and the software of your computer are working well. Make sure of proper electricity connections, and if you are using a laptop, make sure that it is fully charged. This can help in avoiding a lot of last-minute troubles during the exam.

7. Check your internet Connection

One of the most important things to do before an online exam is to do is to check your internet connection. Use a stable internet connection or WiFi during the exam, in order to not get disconnected. If you are using your mobile hotspot, make sure that the mobile is placed where it gets the most reception and the maximum internet speed.

8. Choose Suitable Environment

Most online exams require the candidates to switch on their camera and microphone as a method to prevent cheating through proctoring. Hence, make sure that you are sitting in a quiet environment with minimal audio interventions and somewhere where your family might not accidentally walk in. 

9. Keep away from your mobile phone

Before the exam, make sure to switch off your mobile phone. If you are using your mobile hotspot, then make sure to put your phone on silent mode, so that no notifications cause a disturbance. Do not look at your mobile phone in the middle of the exam, unless the exam asks you to scan and upload a written document, to avoid being disqualified from the exam on the grounds of cheating.

10. Keep in mind the test pattern

Keep the test pattern in mind so that you can use your time efficiently. Read up more on the instructions regarding the number of Multiple Choice Questions and the number of subjective questions. Divide your time accordingly, so that you are not pressed for time for the subjective questions at the last minute.

Online Exam

Hope this article helped you in understanding what you need to do before taking an online exam!

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