A relaxing bath, that perfect warm cup of mocha, a good book, and some soothing music is what I used to look forward to during my preparation days! Because self-care during preparation is as important as studying itself!

Taking care of your own self or self-care is a term that is much talked about these days. With so many things suggested online and a varied number of apps available for self-care, I think this term has a lot of depth in itself. But do not get swayed away by all the lush self-care Pinterest posts you find online. Having a self-care day can be as simple as eating a healthy meal, reading a good book, sleeping for a good 8 hours, and a sweaty workout. 

You must have searched for exam preparation apps for your entrances, let’s see what’s in store for the self-care apps of Android and iPhone for you guys! All the mentioned apps are for both android and ios users. 


By far meditation is the best method to keep your worries away and one of the best self-care practices.  Just 5 minutes of mindfulness meditation can instantly put you in a good mood. It also reduces your anxiety levels and keeps you in better mental health. Check out more about meditation here.

Apps to try

  • Headspace 
  • The Mindfulness App  
  • Calm 

Headspace has been awarded as one of the best self-care apps and it comes with various mindfulness exercises like body scan, breathing meditation, etc. 

2. Journaling

Journaling is also an effective way of self-care as it lets you write out your tensions, anxiety, your shortcomings and also the happy moments. You can start your day by writing in the morning or end your day by journaling to have a peaceful sleep. Journaling daily can have a tremendous positive impact on your overall life. It is a good practice to keep a physical diary to the journal. You can also decorate it with inspiring quotes but nonetheless here are some apps to try for all those who prefer a digital solution! 

Apps to try

  • Day one journal
  • Penzu
  • Daybook

All these apps provide you with a customized area to journal your thoughts along with the provision of securing it with a password and you can even post images there. 

3. Sleep tracker

Tracking your sleep is an efficient way to see if your sleep schedule is on track. In times of preparation, it is difficult to get full hours of sleep. But remember that a proper amount of sleep is vital to your preparation as it enhances your brain’s functioning and keeps your stress levels under control. Here are some apps that can help you to prioritize your sleep. 

Apps to try

  • Relax Melodies: consists of sleep music and lullabies to make you fall in sleep quickly
  • Calm app
  • Sleep cycle

The Calm and Sleep Cycle apps track your sleeping pattern along with offering music for helping you nap and sleep. 

4. Fitness and Yoga

Exercise, exercise, and well, exercise! No matter what, exercise daily for at least 20 minutes. Fitness can instantly put you in a good mood, increase your energy levels, and also keep you in good shape! Any form of exercise has positive changes to your overall life that will guarantee you good results in your exam preparation as well! 

Apps to try

  • Daily Yoga
  • Daily Fitness 

Again these apps are available on both Android and iOS and provide you with quick tips along with poses for better health. 

5. Gratitude

Expressing gratitude instills a positive outlook and creates a positive vibe all around. Saying your gratitude out loud or writing it down leads to dopamine release, making us feel happier instantly. For practicing a life of expressing daily gratitude, you can either think about the things you are grateful for every morning or write it down. You can also follow some of the apps mentioned below.

Apps to try

  • Gratitude
  • Reflectly

6. Reading and listening to books

I know these times can be difficult and you have absolutely no time for pursuing your hobbies or reading. But you can try to put in a 10-minute reading or listening to audiobooks in your daily routine if you enjoy reading as a hobby. You can check out these apps. 

  • Storytel
  • Google play books
  • Castbox

Castbox provides you with audiobooks as well as podcasts that are equally enriching for your development. 

7. Therapy and anxiety 

There are various apps that you can try for controlling your anxiety levels. You can try all the above-mentioned apps for practicing self-care, but for days when you feel like doing nothing, you can try out these apps that suggest certain activities according to your problems. 

Apps to try

  • Stop, Breathe and Think
  • Dare – Break free from anxiety

Colouring exercises 

Colouring exercises have been a favorite pastime of our childhood days. I still have my favourite coloring books with me. But colouring exercises now are the best way of self-care. In fact, research says that they reduce our stress levels. So go ahead, you can either doodle and colour, draw mandalas, or use of the apps mentioned. 

Apps to try 

  • Colorfy
  • Colour by Number
  • Unicorn 

So folks don’t forget to schedule self-care time in your daily routine and of course, do give it a try to these apps! 

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