This is a post for almost everyone in our generation. Each one of us who are struggling to deal with the addiction of social media! 

If you are the person who would study for 30 minutes followed by checking social media for an hour and sending out snap every moment, then I think you surely need a 14 day social media detox. 

Social media is highly addictive in nature and that is why it comes in the way of our preparation. To break this addiction,  it is advisable to go for a complete social media detox. Social media detoxification means limiting the time spent on social media and finally refraining from using it. Some of its benefits are: 

  • More clarity in thinking
  • More time to do things
  • Less procrastination
  • Decreased anxiety and tension 
  • Increased focus and happiness

You can check out this Ted talk to understand why you really need to quit social media (at least for a short amount of time) and learn more about the social media detox benefits. 

Let us look at a 14 day social media detox that you all can follow to have the social media detox benefits as well as concentrate more on your preparations.

Day 1

Turn off push notifications and do not check your phone within 2 hours of waking up

Turn off all the notifications of all the social media sites including WhatsApp. Instead of checking the phone first thing in the morning, use the time to make your bed, meditate, go for a walk outside and make a list of things to do for the day. 

Day 2

Keep the phone in a different room while studying

Yes you heard me right! Keeping the phone away from you increases the effort you need to check it again and again. So either give the phone to your parents or put it in another room while studying. Study phone free! 

Day 3

No Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, FB till 12 p.m 

DO not use all of these social media till 12p.m. Do other activities like studying, reading books, having a nice warm or cool (depending on the season) bath or just clean up your room. But make sure there is no checking these accounts! 

Day 4

No phone during breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Concentrate and focus on what you are eating rather than checking the phone. Mindful eating is necessary for truly appreciating the food you are eating, and for feeling fuller. So eyes on your plate, not on your phone! 

Day 5

No phone till 1 p.m 

By no phone, I mean no phone at all, no WhatsApp, no social media, nothing. Stop! Don’t touch the phone till 1 p.m! 

Day 6

No Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter day

Yes! We are almost close to half of the way! Time to increase the challenge. Don’t go over your social media accounts all day long today. Instead focus on doing all the work that you procrastinated for months. 

Day 7

No phone till 5 p.m 

Today is the 7th day meaning we are halfway through the challenge. So no touching of phones till 5 p.m. If any one calls you, talk to them and keep the phone back. 

Day 8

Have a mindful social media day

Unsubscribe from any unnecessary mail accounts and unfollow people who do not serve your needs in social media accounts, just be mindful of the content you see online. Also instead of chatting with friends, call 3 of your friends and talk to them. 

Day 9 

Keep away from your phone 3 hours before you sleep

Have a good book to read, sip on some green tea and forget that you even have a phone. You will surely have a peaceful and good night’s sleep. 

Day 10 

No phone after 5 p.m today

Do not use your phone in the evenings today. Use this time to have a self pamper session, or cook a family dinner or just relax sans the phone. 

Day 11

Use social media only for an hour today

1 hour is the total time to be spent on all the social media accounts today. You can use any application to keep a track of the time spent on the accounts. 

Day 12

Social media for 45 minutes today

Just use social media for 45 minutes today! 

Day 13

No social media today

Wow! Today is going to be tough, but I’m sure you can do it by now. Delete the applications and do not use social media all day today! 

Day 14

Phone free day

Believe it or not, we use our phones maximum for checking our social media accounts. If you can go without checking the social media accounts all day, you can live without your phone all day! Let your family and close ones know in advance that you will be off your phone today.

So that’s about it folks! Go for a social media detox and absolutely limit using social media for getting better focus and concentration in your preparations! Even if you feel like not following this 14 day social media detox challenge, you can surely be more mindful of the time spent online and limit social media usage. 

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