Hey there, are you feeling okay? We know life tends to test everyone time and again, and sometimes you find yourselves in situations in which you feel hopeless, and powerless. Everything starts feeling heavy and you find yourselves surrounded with sadness. Life seems to be dragging along, without any aim or happiness, and sometimes you just feel like giving up. When you feel like this, we want you to stop and breathe

Suicidal thoughts and ideas occur in people’s mind when they feel like nothing is going right in their life, and it is full of sadness which they can’t get rid of. The only way to be free of all this stress, and negativity seems to be ending their precious life by attempting suicide by various methods. This article is dedicated to all of you out there, who feel dejected in life and have suicidal thoughts, as well for those around you, elder or young, a friend or foe, who might be going through the same negative thoughts.

According to the NCRB’s (National Crime Records Bureau of India) record for the year 2018, more than 1 lakh lives are lost every year due to suicide, and of that straggering number, 7.6% were young students. Young students, who might be going through stress and other physicial /mental illnesses, due to stress caused by exams, fear of failure, family/peer pressure, medical issues etc, fail to realise that suicide is not the solution for any problems in life. Life is a constant flow of experiences and happenings, sometimes you will sail smooth, and sometimes you might hit the rock bottom. But, the beauty of life is that it gives us chances to get up and turn our life around. To take charge of our life and improve it for better.

Given below we give you a list of suicide prevention helplines in India, who can help you, or those around you who are going through a stressful time, and get suicidal thoughts and ideas:


This is one of the biggest crisis intervention centres in the country, set up specially to provide help to those who are going through a difficult time in their life and need a listening ear to vent their worries and thoughts. Aasra has highly skilled and trained volunteers and professionals who are available to listen with empathy and guide you in your most difficult times. 

24×7 Helpline no: +91-9820466726

Email: aasrahelpline@yahoo.com

Website: http://aasra.info/

Timing: 24×7

Language: Hindi, English

2. Tata Institute of Social Sciences (icall)

An initiative by Tata Institute of Social Sciences, called icall, which stands for Initiating Concern for All, is a free counselling project which aims to help people who are distressed by lending their free services over call, email, and chat. They welcome everyone irrespective of age, gender, location, etc who are in need of emotional and mental assistance. They provide best professional counsellors, and vow to keep the calls anonymous and confidential. Talk to them at:

Helpline no: 9152987821

Email: icall@tiss.edu


Timing: Mon – Sat  8am – 10pm

Language: Hindi, English

3. Sumaitri

A voluntary intervention centre set up in New Delhi since 1988, Sumaitri organisation has saved the lives of over one lakh people, by lending their aid through calls and visits. They keep the information and details of the callers confidential and are available to help you throughout the year. They provide free help to all. Reach them at:

Helpline no: 011-23389090

Email: feelingsuicidal@sumaitri.net

Website: http://sumaitri.net/about/

Timing: Mon-Fri 2pm to 10pm and Sat-Sun 10 & to 10pm

Language: Hindi, English

4. Samaritans Mumbai

An extended part of the Samaritans UK, they have been working tirelessly since 1968 for those who need assistance and help in times of stress and turmoil. They have a team of highly professional volunteers as well as counsellors who are always ready to guide and listen to any issues that you, or anyone you love might be going through. Contact details are given below:

Helpline no: +91 84229 84528,   +91 84229 84529 ,  +91 84229 84530

Email: samaritans.helpline@gmail.com, talk2samaritans@gmail.com

Website: http://www.samaritansmumbai.com/#headerwrap

Timing: All Days 5pm – 8pm

Language:  Hindi, English

5. Fortis Stress Helpline

This initiative is started by the Fortis Hospital which provides free on-call as well as email counseling to anyone who needs guidance and helps to get over difficulties and stress faced by them. They have a 24×7 stress helpline which can be used by anyone to seek help. They offer the best care, for free, and also converse in many different regional languages of India. Reach out at:

Helpline no: +9183768 04102 

Email: mentalhealth@fortishealthcare.com

Website: https://www.fortishealthcare.com/

Timing: 24×7

Language: Hindi, English, and many regional languages

The biggest and the best counselor of all, during such difficult times, is always going to be you. You need to remember to hold on to life, give it a chance, give your family, friends, and all your loved ones a chance, including your adorable pets. We might not realize it, but we all are loved. We all are valuable, and so is our life. You matter, and will always matter. Our life is tied to a lot of our well-wishers who count on us for their well-being. Let’s not forget about our loved ones and how beautifully complicated life is, for it deserves to be lived. We hope you find this article useful and save a life, yours and someone else’s. 

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