On This Day On This Day | 24 March

On This Day | 24 March


On this day: 1882: Robert Koch discovers the bacterium responsible for tuberculosis 1896: Aleksander Popov achieves the world’s first radio transmission 1965: NASA spacecraft Ranger 9 crashes into the Moon Born on this day: 1884: Peter Debye: Dutch/American physicist, chemist, Nobel Prize laureate Gone on this day: 1882: Henry Wadsworth Read more…

On This Day On This Day | 19 May

On This Day | 19 May


On this day: 1743: Jean-Pierre Christin invents the Celsius thermometer 1919: Mustafa Kemal Atatürk sets off the Turkish War of Independence 1963: Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail is published Born on this day: 1913: Sanjiva Reddy, Indian politician, sixth President of India (1977-82), born in Illur, British India Read more…