So, if I ask you to choose between tea and coffee, and give up the alternate forever, what will you choose? 

Confused? Dicey? In a dilemma? 

This choice and the debate attached has a history which is as old as time. So, let me help you reach a state which might help you settle for one, for the time being at least. 

Tea vs. Coffee: Which one do I choose? 

This is one kind of a debate which kicks off the inner sentiments of people: tea vs. coffee. I’ve met people who are die hard coffee lovers however, most of us just can’t function without tea. Interestingly, when students have sleepless exam nights they either turn to tea or coffee to stay up and study. 

Your preparation journey and tea/coffee are great companions. Such a kind of companionship works wonders by helping you have a very productive study time. But, the question still prevails. 

Being a coffee lover myself, I’ll intentionally tell you the benefits of having coffee, first. 

The Pros of Coffee

Energy and Performance 

Coffee has caffeine as one of the major ingredients. This helps in increasing alertness and decreases in the fatigue level. Caffeine in the body helps in improvement in areas like response time, vigilance etc. The proofreading tasks and information processing are also improved, studies suggest. 

Improvement in cognition levels

By coffee drinking, accuracy in logical reasoning is affected positively. You feel naturally energized when you intake coffee. But, studies say that it can be consumed in small portions in the day. 

Sadly, sticking to the norm and doing justice to the tea lovers, Ii’ll tell you some bad effects of having too much coffee. 

The Cons of Coffee

Anxiety issues 

The benefits of coffee are short-term. However, sustained long-term overuse might cause issues like headache, increased anxiety as well as twitching and vomiting. Your ability to concentrate and focus may decrease, too. This will end up in affecting your exam preparation negatively to an extent. 

Sleep related problems 

Even though I am a hardcore coffee person, I won’t deny the fact that coffee disrupts the sleep schedule. Though, this might help people who want to stay up late and study, but, later on, you’ll have a problem in fixing your sleep schedule. An improper sleeping schedule will affect your day’s performance, thus adding to the anxiety level. 

Time for Chai pe Charcha

The wait of the tea lovers is finally over. So, here, I present to you the benefits of having tea with your preparation. 

The Pros of Tea:

Easy to make 

Now, this is quite obvious, but still, let’s give it to tea. It is easy to make. Just a tea bag, some hot water and milk is all that you need. Within 2-3 minutes, you’re good to have it. Instant coffee is one easy option too, but real coffee lovers do not sacrifice on the authentic and soul touching taste of coffee made from beans. However, there is no such issue with tea. You’ll save on this time by sticking to tea because every minute while preparing is precious. 

Less caffeine, more nutrients

Okay, so don’t doubt my love for coffee. But when I call tea a superfood, I have enough reasons to justify my stand. Tea has many antioxidants which help in healing, preventing as well as delaying the process of cell damage. Various fitness reasons also compel people to take tea in the form of black tea. 

Also, since caffeine is present in relatively lesser amounts in tea than coffee. Therefore, you’ll have a more sustained burst of energy throughout the day. 

And now, let’s turn the page to discuss some negative aspects of having too much tea. 

The Cons of Tea

Teeth stains 

Tea has more chances of staining your teeth in comparison to coffee and other beverages. This is because of the natural pigments in tea affecting your white pearls in the mouth. 

It still has caffeine 

Even though its less, but tea still has caffeine. Now this might also lead to your body developing issues like nervousness, anxiety as well as sleepless lights. 

The Best Brew…

Oh, wait! While talking about tea and coffee, how can we forget about the ultimate brew- the green tea? Emerging as the new favourite of many people, certain benefits of green tea just cannot be missed. 

There are studies which support various health and memory benefits of consuming green tea. The benefits are:

  • Weight loss 
  • Improvement in memory 
  • Stress relief 
  • Better and comfortable sleep schedule 

In case you don’t like the taste of green tea, there are also are many flavour variants of the same which can be consumed.

The Last Word

In all, this debate is never ending. You should choose the secret weapon which helps you boost your preparation. The need of the hour ultimately is to pick the one which suits your preparation and body the best.

On our end, we would suggest green tea as the best brew for your preparation, but you can go for a controlled intake of tea and coffee too. 

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