Hi there! Looking for tips to reduce stress during exams?

Any exams coming up? Feeling stressed out because of it? Well, welcome to Eazyprep! We are here to help you during exams, whatever your need be. 

Experiencing stress during exams is common trouble that bothers students in the present day. Here in this article, we suggest you a few tips to reduce stress during exams.

Tips To Reduce Stress During Exams

Stress During Exams

What exactly is exam stress? Stress during exams can be exhibited through the symptoms of feeling moody and low, feeling confused, losing touch with friends, having trouble making decisions, lack of motivation to do anything, trouble sleeping or getting out of bed, headaches, feeling sick, fidgeting, etc. Students experience exam stress due to the following reasons:

  • Feeling underprepared
  • Having not much time to prepare
  • Worried about failing
  • Pressure to get better results
  • Competition
Tips For Exams

Tips to Reduce Stress During Exams

Given below are a few tips that can help you feel relaxed and reduce your stress levels:

  • Uncluttered space: If your study table is cluttered with study materials and stationery items, try to organize them as a first step. Having a clean and organized space can help you relax your mind instead of adding stress seeing a lot of study materials to be completed.
  • Study space: Create for yourself a study space that is quiet and has minimal distractions so that you can focus.
  • Understand the exam: Understand the pattern and syllabus of the exam very well. Do not miss out on any part, that might add to your stress levels.
  • Use mind maps: You can use various study methods such as mind maps to keep your ideas refreshed and better your memory.
  • Create a timetable: Prepare a timetable for yourself, giving yourself enough time in between so that you can take breaks and refresh your mind.
  • Eat healthily: In the days before the exam, make sure you drink lots of water and eat healthy food so that you don’t have an upset stomach or digestive problems.
  • Sleep well: Stick to a routine by sleeping at around the same time each day. This gives your brain time to recharge and remember what you’ve learnt.
  • Reduce your phone usage: Try to reduce the time that you spend on your phone. Try to keep away from social media for a while and use your time efficiently to study.

Hope this article was helpful in understanding tips to reduce stress during exams. We wish you all the best!

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