Worried about time management during an exam? Wondering how you can effectively use the given time so as to not panic and make mistakes at the last moment? Well, don’t worry! We here at Eazyprep will give you a few pointers in this article as to how to manage time during tests and exams. Try it out, for it will for sure be of help to you.

Time Management

Time Management Skills

1. Know your exam

The first and most important factor of time management is knowing the exam you are appearing in. So read up more about the exam beforehand and try to get to know how much time you will have to answer all the questions and how many sections the questions will be divided into. If you have pre-knowledge about the test, it might prove a little easy for you to allocate time for each section and act wisely.

2. Read the instructions carefully

Normally, 15 minutes is given to you at the start of the exam to read the instructions. Do not waste this time and read them carefully, checking the question pattern and the marking pattern. Make sure that the pattern you know is the same, and give extra attention to the negative marking scheme.

3. Divide your time

The second step in time management is to divide your time properly, allocating a set number of minutes to each section of the exam. Try to finish the section within the time you have allocated for yourself, and if you become successful, that means you will get a few extra minutes to go through the answers you have given once again.

4. Read questions carefully

You can’t afford to lose time, based on a mere mistake you made while reading a question in your exam. So, read the questions and their details carefully in order to not make any mistakes and lose time.

5. Start with Easy Sections

Start answering the sections which you find the easiest. If you finish answering questions of such sections quicker than expected, you can find a little more extra time to allocate to the tougher questions. So do not start off with difficult questions that are going to take up a lot of your time, leaving you not enough even to answer the easiest of all.

Time Management
6. Do not panic

There can be instances wherein you might have misread the question and answered incorrectly, but even if so, do not panic and let the precious time you have with you go to waste. Answer other questions and then go back and fix your mistake.

7. Do not leave early

You might find the exam easy and leave the exam hall after attempting all the questions, even before the allotted time. Do not leave early even if you finish your exam early. Make use of the extra time to go through your answers and double-check.

8. Practice Answering Quickly

Even before appearing for the exam, practice answering the questions quickly. You should not ideally dwell on a question for more than 3 minutes. So, keep practicing and improve your speed of answering questions.

9. Keep an eye on the watch

Make sure to check the time a few times in between the exam. You do not want to lose track of it and suddenly come to know that the time is almost over. 

10. Do not get distracted

There are very few options to get distracted inside an exam hall. Still, try not to get distracted by the other students or the invigilators. Make use of your time to the maximum.

Hope this article gave you a few tips for time management. We wish you all the best for your exam!

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