Hey! Would you like a glass of water? As you are preparing for your exams, it is important that you keep fueling your body with its most basic and unskippable needs, like food, sleep, and most importantly, water. Our bodies need water to function properly, and besides, there are a lot of benefits of keeping yourself hydrated, especially during studying for an exam. So, pour a glass of H2O for yourself, and read on as we tell you why it is rather important to not skip on drinking water while you prepare for your exams.

It is a known fact that our bodies are made of 60% of water, and for the body to function optimally, it needs to be supplied with water at regular intervals throughout the day. When students have their exams on their heads, they tend to devote their time in cramming the syllabus as much as they can, while forgetting about having enough intake of water. Not only is skipping water harmful, but it also plays a big role in why you might feel like you have lost your concentration while memorizing those long, long answers and formulas. Apart from that, dehydration also leads to frequent headaches and a constant feeling of fatigue. All of these are linked to how much water you drink in a day. Given  below are some benefits of drinking water, which will make you take a few sips immediately:

1. Helps in Cognitive Functions 

Our brains are made up of 75% water and need water on a regular basis to function properly. The brain carries out the most important activities in our bodies, including sending signals to different parts of the body, actively taking care of short-term and long-term memory retention processes, new brain generation, etc. Our senses are of no use if our brains can’t process the primary information efficiently. When we study, our brain plays the biggest role, incomprehension, and retention and it requires water to do so. Not to forget, it also helps you concentrate better.

Pro Tip: If you need any motivation to keep yourself hydrated while studying, then you will be surprised to know that according to a study conducted by the Universities of East London and Westminster, drinking water can actually help increase your grades!

2. Maintains Body Temperature

When we perspire we release water in the form of sweat droplets, which help in cooling the body by releasing the heat inside us. It is important to be well hydrated in general, but especially during summers, and when you are doing a strenuous activity, be it playing sports, or exercising, etc. Our body needs water to function properly and carry out necessary bodily functions like perspiration to cool our bodies down and not have heat strokes, nausea, etc.

Pro Tip: Keep a bottle of water on your study-table, or desk. This will remind you to hydrate yourself every once a while. You can even put marks on your bottle to make sure that you are taking sips of water every hour without fail.

3. Helps in Digestion and Cleansing 

Water has numerous roles in our bodies, which includes helping with digestion and carrying out the cleansing process of all the waste products made by our bodies. It carries oxygen to all our organs which carry out their respective functions and help our body stay on its tracks. The process of digestion and cleansing is a very vital function that is fueled by water. It has been found that drinking water helps break down food more easily. So, don’t forget to drink water to help your fellow body in their work out!

Pro Tip: Make sure to consume at least 3-4 litres of water in a day. Although, there is no exact amount of water that one should consume in a day, drinking 3-5 litres a day is considered a healthy amount.

4. Maintains Cardio-vascular Activity and Blood pressure 

It is no rocket science that our heart helps in pumping out freshly produced oxygen throughout the body, while also releasing carbon dioxide through the medium of blood. Water also plays a big role in carrying different nutrients and oxygen throughout our bodies to our organs. It also affects the blood pressure in our body as the levels of fluid in our blood dictates whether we have low blood pressure or high. Water intake is necessary to pump nutrients and oxygen-rich blood, as well as maintain healthy levels of blood pressure in our system.

5. Boosts Immunity as well as Mood 

Water, as precious as it is, also helps in saving our bodies from a lot of illnesses like kidney stones, seizures, heat stroke, urinary tract infections, etc. Water acts as an absorbent and as a carrier of a lot of nutrients and minerals from the food that we consume throughout the day, which nourishes our body and promotes overall health. Dehydration in the body has been found to give rise to tiredness, confusion, and induces anxiety, which you might be facing already due to exam or work-related stress. Water also influences our general mood, making us feel more awake and fresh. 

Pro Tip: Need help with reminding yourself to stay hydrated? You can use numerous free apps on your mobile phone like this which will give you daily reminders to drink water at timely intervals, as well as help you be updated about your water input habits.

So, you see? Not only is water important for the planet, but also for our bodies and general well-being. One simple act of drinking water and keeping yourself hydrated has numerous benefits. Make sure you don’t deprive your body of the goodness of water because only when you are hydrated, can you function properly, especially when you study!

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