BHMCT IPU Entrance Exam is the entrance exam for the Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology program offered by the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, more widely known as the IP University. BHMCT is a four-year program that is further divided into 8 semesters. The curriculum has been designed by the Indraprastha University. BHMCT IPU is one of the best hotel management schools in India.

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All the hotel management entrance examinations have verbal ability, reasoning, current affairs etc. But, this exam covers other topics like accounts, commerce and science also. Before beginning to prepare, the exam pattern exam should be thorough. It is as follows: 

BHMCT IPU Entrance Exam Pattern

The BHMCT IPU Entrance Exam is conducted in the online based format. There are 100 MCQ questions and the duration of the test is 2.5 hours. Each correct answer will give you 4 marks each. But, if your answer is wrong, 1 mark per wrong answer will be deducted from your score. 

The BHMCT IPU Entrance Exam is divided into 4 sections. The weightage is stated below. 

English Language and Comprehension 25% (approx)
Logical and Analytical ability including computer awareness 30%
General Awareness 20%
Knowledge of Accounts, Commerce and Science 25% (approx)

Now, when the exam pattern is clear, let’s get an idea about the general preparation tips for the exam. 

Overall Preparation Strategy

1. Positive mind frame 

It’s important for you that if you are a winner at heart, you are halfway there. Surround yourself with people who push you to buck up. Use this motivation in your time table preparation. Like, you can divide your day into the morning, evening and afternoon session. Set your subjects in these and stick to it. 

2. Balance strong and weak areas of preparation

There might be topics which you are very thorough with. Don’t ignore them thinking that they can be done when the exam is near. Keep revising them at least on alternate day basis. 

3. Time for accounts and science

The questions for topics like accounts and science can be endless. And so, should be your practice. Accounts should at least take good 2 hours of practice everyday. For science, you should devote 1 hour. These subjects are diverse and keeping that in mind, you should practice a variety of questions. 

4. Don’t rely on calculator use 

When you sit to solve the question papers, try and not use the calculator. Instead, shift to the use of a timer. This will increase efficiency in your performance. Self-set time constraints will help you with time management also. 

Section-Wise Preparation Strategy

1. English Language and Comprehension 

The English Language forms 25% of the paper. Because of negative marking, you should make sure that you are sure about your answer. It is always better to re-read and be sure. The comprehension and grammar questions have a good level. But, if you have practiced well, you may find them moderate to solve. 

Preparation strategy:

For comprehension, you can take help of the resource books. Practice one comprehension daily. You can also read the newspaper editorials. Grammar also needs practice on a regular basis. One hour of devotion to English everyday is enough. 


  • Wren and Martin
  • Person’s English 
  • Arihant General English – Hari Mohan Prashad 
  • Objective General English – S.P. Bakshi
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2. Logical and Analytical Ability 

This section may have 28-32 questions in the paper. The level of difficulty is a bit high. Chances are that you might get confused on over-analysis. Therefore, stick to one way of solving. 

Preparation strategy:

Do not go for over-analysis of the question. It may leave you confused. Follow a simple approach. Try being good with observations. In order to have a better score, you should be thorough with the pattern of questions. If not everyday, pick up alternate days to practice logical ability for 1.5-2 hours approximately. 


  • 501 challenging logical reasoning practice book 
  • Verbal and non-verbal reasoning by RS Aggarwal 
  • Solved ebook for quantitative aptitude by RS Aggarwal 
3. General Awareness

You can expect 18-22 questions from the current affairs section in the exam. If you are able to break the question asked and connect the dots, you are good to go. This is a scoring section and not very difficult, though tricky. 

Preparation strategy:

Current affairs can be prepared from newspapers or monthly magazines. Everyday, your newspaper reading should not take more than 1 hour (in-depth reading). But, if you are going for a magazine, make sure you complete in maximum 3-4 days. Keep revising the notes made from either newspaper or magazine. 


  • Pratiyogita darpan 
  • Pearson India YearBook 
  • Competition Review YearBook 
  • Lucent’s GK 
  • Arihant GK
  • Manorama YearBook
Nchmct Jee Preparation Ga
4. Accounts, Commerce and Science 

23-26 questions in the paper can be expected from the accounts, commerce and science section. Commerce can additionally be classified into business studies and economics. The questions will be concept based but you’ll have to start reading between the lines. 

Preparation strategy:

Accounts required everyday practice without a miss. There is no shortcut to ace it. The questions can be straightforward yet confusing. Regular reading of the rest subjects will lead to concept clarity. Practice sample papers to get through with them. 


  • Business Studies NCERT Solutions 
  • Science NCERT Solutions 
  • Financial Accounting (Grade 11 – Part 1)
  • Macroeconomics (Grade 12)

The preparation period of the BHMCT IPU Entrance Exam might be long, but your dream college requires just your patience, time and effort. Think of this as an opportunity to present your best self. If interested, also check out the article BHMCT IPU Exam Pattern and Syllabus.

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