DU Mass Comm is the Bachelor of Arts Honors course in Multimedia and Mass Communication, offered by the Indraprastha Women’s college that works under the Delhi University. It is a self-financed program with its curriculum focusing on imparting technical, theoretical, and practical knowledge to students interested in the various fields of mass media and mass communication. It also aims on creating a historical and social understanding of media in the students. The course structure and the campus facilities that are offered to students of the course are given in this article.

Du Mass Comm Info

The Indraprastha College for women introduced the DU Mass Comm program, Bachelor of Mass Media and Mass Communication in the year 1999. After the program was met with huge enthusiasm from students interested in media studies, the college changed it into an Honors degree course almost 20 years after its inception to BA (Hons) Multimedia and Mass Communication. It is now ranked as one of the top media schools in India. 

Course Structure of DU Mass Comm

The program BMMMC DU is located in the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and the humanities of the IP college for women. It follows the basic principles of Humanities and social sciences and is interdisciplinary. The latest technologies are introduced to students, and the syllabus is constantly updating concerning the advancements in the field.

The aim of the program is to develop knowledge and critical thinking in students and teach them to handle modern media technologies. Its goal is to impart a clear understanding of the practices in media to students and enhance their comprehension of political dynamics and technological transformations. It tries to produce skilled workers for the media industry.

The DU Mass Comm program gives a wide scope of career to the students, not just in the media field, but also in public policy and production. By widening the horizons of the options that the students have, the program helps them in understanding their aptitudes in each field and choose one accordingly for their career.

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The BMMMC course is panned out over three years, which is then divided into six semesters. Areas of focus during each year are as given below:

1st year
  • Print production
  • Fundamentals of communication theory and models
  • Media and Communication research methodology

The students are taught essential skills like communication through writing in English. The mandatory Environmental Studies orientation course is also provided by the college during the first year. Students also have the option of choosing general electives regarding the fields of social media and advertising.

2nd year
  • Editing and production
  • Computer graphics and animation
  • Media grammar of cinema, theatre, television, and digital
  • Reporting and anchoring

The difficulty level of the program is raised in the second year. The general electives offered this year concerns the role of mass media in developing countries and the importance of public service broadcasting. The BMMMC course Media Moments in History, which is offered to students during this year brings the social, historical, and political history of media together. Learning is also offered regarding managing disaster and development communication through media.

3rd Year
  • Global Media and politics
  • Documentary
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Communication and plastic arts

The third-year also introduces two more media into the program- radio and photography. Students are also introduced to specialized communicative modes in the fields of fashion and communication. The 3rd year also needs the students to complete a 4-week non-credit internship to qualify for the degree. This internship would help in future placements as well as the promotion of interface with the industry.

The classes of BMMMC IP College are conducted through tutorials, lectures, presentations, projects, practicals, and seminars. Practical sessions include using instruments like cameras and editing machines. The internal assessments provide 25% of the total marks while the external assignments provide the rest.

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Campus Facilities


The biggest facility on the campus is the library and the resources it has to offer. A few specifics, as per the latest update in 2020 are given below:

Reference books104652
CD and Video346
Braille Books240
Other Facilities
  • Wi-Fi access
  • 2 hostels with 450 seats each
  • Smart classrooms
  • Smart laboratories
  • Lecture halls, seminar rooms, conference rooms, and Auditoriums
  • ICT center
  • Sports facilities
  • Cafeteria

Another major attraction of the department is the state-of-the-art audio-visual production center. It is fully equipped with editing bays, studios for both radio and visual media, and production centers. It also offers every kind of necessary equipment needed in the course of the program.

Thus, DU Mass Comm under IP College is a good option for you if you are interested in studying the media field. Hope this article gave you a header regarding the course you are applying for. If you are interested in giving the BMMMC entrance exam, do check out BMMMC Exam Preparation Strategy.

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