IHM Lucknow has been ranked the 3rd best Institute of Hotel Management in India, that is the best for any kind of hotel management course. The admissions to the course are done through the NCHMCT JEE entrance exam. If you are wondering about the academic structure of the college, this article will give you an idea through the first-hand account of Mr. Ashish Kumar Yadav, an alumnus of the institution.

Nchmct Jee

Experience of IHM Lucknow

Hello, I am Ashish, a graduate of IHM Lucknow, now pursuing M.Sc. from IHM Pusa, Delhi. I would like to share my academic journey through the hotel management course at the IHM Aliganj Lucknow, including the IHM Lucknow admissions, IHM Lucknow Placements, and IHM Lucknow courses.

NCHMCT JEE is the only way for getting admission at an IHM college. I gave the exam in 2017 and secured an all-India rank of 987. This gave me an opportunity to enter the Lucknow campus. During my course, I learned that in life, being practical is much more important than being theoretical. Most people have a belief that a hotelier is always employed in the food sector. This is wrong,  as after graduating, one can also go for a retail sector job in companies like Reliance, Aditya Birla, Swiggy, etc.

The hotel management course is divided into six semesters. Every semester, the workload keeps on increasing. All students need to get themselves acquainted with guest interaction, as it is the primary task of the course. All the teachers of IHM Lucknow are well qualified as well as experienced in their respective fields. The IHM Lucknow courses contain four core subjects:

  • Front Office
  • Housekeeping
  • Food Production
  • Food and Beverage Service

The main reason why many students want to get admission at IHM colleges is that the employment percentage of graduates from IHM is more than a graduate from a privately owned college. I will now move on to giving you a few details about each of the years of the program.

1st year

This is the year when the students’ mentality is changed according to the need of the industry. Here the skill of working in a group is taught and the workload on a student is at the initial level. The students are taught in such a way that they are going to be placed at the GSA level, which will generate respect towards all the employees in the sector. Every student will get familiar with the process of how the work is being done following the standards. In the first year of the course at IHM Lucknow, the main focus is to provide theoretical knowledge so that the SOP of the work is known to everyone. The semester comprises the introductory level of the core subjects and other subjects such as:

  • Hotel engineering
  • Accounts
  • Information technology
  • Communication

A student also has a chance to undergo the ODCs which finishes the fear of serving the guest and you can also earn during your study.

Nchmct Jee

2nd year

This is also known as ‘The year of the workload’ as this is the year where students have to go for industrial exposure. It is the instance where the implementation of the knowledge attained during the first year is pivotal. This is the painful period of the hotelier’s life but also the building block of the career as after training the student can decide which department they have to go with in the future after completion of the course at IHM Lucknow. Half of the total batch undergoes training in summer and half go in winter so that both batches can go for six months of training and six-month learning at the college.

3rd year

The final step of the course at IHM Lucknow teaches you to work as a manager and develops the leadership quality in you. Now each student has to do the task individually and the system of the group work comes to an end. The IHM Lucknow placements also take place during this year. The students are given the training to undergo interviews with leaders of the industry.

That is all about the experience in the college from the learning point of view. Moving on to the social life at the college, life is full of joy and one can enjoy every point of it at IHM Lucknow. A hotelier student’s life starts when your induction course is being organized by the seniors of the college and ends with the term end exam of the sixth semester. The dress and grooming matter very much in the college as you can’t even enter into the class without having matched proper grooming standards. Discipline is being maintained very strictly by the college.

The course also comprises the Curriculum of IGNOU which teaches managerial skills and provides a chance for being employed in the tourism industry. This feature differentiates this course at IHM Lucknow from the courses offered by the privately-owned colleges.

The student of the hotel management course can get the placements in:

  • Hotel industry
  • Retail sectors
  • Tourism development
  • Travel agencies
  • Tour operators
  •  Hospitals
  • Teaching

Thus the journey of the hotel management course at IHM Lucknow teaches all the manners and etiquettes of life. 

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Hope this article helped you in getting to know more about the academic structure of the course. Click here to read more about the entrance exam to the IHMs.

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