IHM Lucknow is one of the best hotel management schools in India. IHM Lucknow Admissions are done on the basis of the rank attained by a candidate in the NCHMCT exam. This article will give you an experience story of Mr. Ashish Kumar Yadav, an alumnus of the institution.

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Experience of IHM Lucknow

Hello, I am Ashish, a graduate of IHM Lucknow, now pursuing M.Sc. from IHM Pusa, Delhi. I would like to share my academic journey at the IHM Lucknow. Before any of that, I’d like to give a short introduction to my college.

IHM Lucknow is an institute of high repute and excellence, working under the aegis of the Ministry of tourism. It was established in 1980 with a 3-floor building. The courses offered are of three types- B.Sc., M.Sc., and diploma. The most popular course out of them is the degree course of B.Sc. where each student is taught by the highly qualified professionals of the industry. Many great leaders like Ranveer Brar(Indian chef ) are alumni of this great place. IHM college in Lucknow is known for its service skill teaching which none of the other colleges can match. This academic qualification has enabled the college to get an All India Rank of 3 among all the IHMs. Besides all the academic courses, it also supports the ministry of tourism’s program HUNAR SE ROZGAR.

I will now share my experience with the college, which starts with my first class at IHM Lucknow. It was a time when I felt choosing hotel management for a career was the wrong decision I made in my life. I even thought of taking admission somewhere else. But as the classes started I found myself getting interested in a field, which I had never even heard of until my 10+2. The IHM Lucknow faculty members were like true friends. They were mentors who always supported me and every student at every point in time. I still remember a teacher saying- “Everyone should study in such a way that you will become superior to yourself, and not to others”.

The practical classes at IHM Aliganj Lucknow are much more important to attend than the theory classes. For becoming successful in this field, everyone should have proper practical skills which make you different from others. The college itself teaches the lesson of hierarchy which is the flow of the information from top management to the bottom of the organization. IHM Lucknow is very honest about their duty. They organize various conferences and seminars where students can meet face to face with the leaders of the organization.

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IHM Lucknow has two blocks- North and South. The classes of the first year, second year, and diploma students are held in the South block. Classes of the third year and the office sections are located in the North block. The college also provides a free Wi-Fi facility that can be accessed by anyone. The hostels are situated within the campus, where rooms are allotted according to the rank in the entrance examination. Reservations are also given according to the government norms. A teacher resides in the hostel so that no ragging can take place and all the students have to follow the guidelines of the hostel wing. An anti-ragging squad is present in the college to deal with the cases of ragging.


IHM Lucknow organizes campus placement in the month of September for the 3rd year students. It is managed by the placement cell located in the basement of the south block. It is constructed in such a way that two or three companies can organize the interview process at the same time. The placement percentage is more than 90% almost every year which also provides information about how powerful the brand image of the IHM Lucknow is.


The academic opportunities offered by the IHM Lucknow are very exciting. It is the student who has to teach in the class before the teacher and the role of the teacher is to give a brief explanation of the topic and do the correction if someone is explaining something wrong. Each day something new will be introduced in the class which helps in maintaining the interest among the students. After passing a semester the workload gets increased and the dependency of the student on the teacher is generally noticed to decrease. The classes are held digitally in the smart classes.

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IHM Lucknow is not a place that is managed by the administration, it is managed and run by the students who study in it. All the functions and events are organized by the students and teachers are just like judges who check the quality and standards.

Hope this article was helpful for you in getting to know a first-hand account of the experience in the IHM Lucknow. Click here to read about the best NCHMCT colleges.

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