Management is one of the most promising courses to study as well as a career to be in. You can either study business management right after class 12th as Bachelor’s in Business Administration or you can pursue it as a postgraduate subject that is Masters in Business Administration. However these days BBA is one of the prominent choices for students right after class 12th for those planning to get into the corporate world.

No doubt, the practical skills and internship exposure related to business administration are quite good for students as it makes them industry-ready. However, there are some common myths related to management that both students and their parents have. Read on to know those myth busters. 

1. Business management is only for students who have studied commerce

This is by far one of the biggest myths that both parents and students have. Let me tell you that this is not the case! Students who have science or humanities streams can also take up BBA in their graduation. Certain colleges have the requirements but it’s only that you need to have Mathematics in class 12th. That’s all. Apart from that, you don’t need to have just commerce for studying BBA. Some parents feel that studying commerce will put their children above as they will be able to do BBA easily after studying accounts and business studies, but that is also not true. Maybe your basics will be clearer but the course structure of BBA is such that everyone will be able to study it. 

2. BBA doesn’t land you a job just after graduation

This is another myth that parents and children have. Most BBA colleges have a placement cell and you can get a job right after doing BBA either in management firms or the development sector. There are a wide variety of jobs available after graduation. 

3. Doing a management course grants you high package placements in good companies 

While some parents feel there are no jobs, some parents feel that every job in the management sector gives you a high package. Well, this is not true. You must never attach any monetary value with respect to the course that your children are pursuing. The most important thing is to learn, experience, and do good in life. True, money is important but does not judge your children by the package that they get after graduation. Some students get companies that pay well just after graduation while for some it’s about gaining experience and then getting a high package. 

4. Career opportunities are limited to multinationals in this field

Well, this is again not true. You know one of the realities in today’s fast-paced global economy is that anyone can study anything and get into some other field. My own brother studied mechanical engineering, got into an IT firm, and is now a risk analyst where he is doing great. It’s all about finding your passion and choosing a niche you are good at. Similarly, with a degree in BBA you can get into administrative work, consulting firms, media, finance, entrepreneur field, work in the development sector, or the social sector as well. You can try interning in each of these areas to truly understand your niche before getting placed. 

5. BBA and B.Com are the same subjects

This is one common myth that parents particularly have. BBA deals with business management skills for managerial experience and is a professional course. Whereas B.Com is particularly a degree comprising economics, accounts, and commerce subjects. By studying B.Com you can pursue a career in the finance department while BBA can grant you a career in marketing, sales, operations, or HR field. 

6. For management courses, you should be good at Maths

In some colleges, having Mathematics as one of the eligibility criteria for filling forms of BBA. But most colleges don’t have this criterion. This is a plain myth. You don’t need to be good at Maths for doing management. Yes you do require some basics of it, and you may require it for the finance field, but it’s not the complex mathematics that we study in class 11th and 12th. Even if you are scared of Maths, you can still do management courses. Management is all about understanding the nuances of business and learning the interpersonal skills for managing a company, it does not involve Maths in it. 

7. The only thing you can pursue after BBA is an MBA 

Once you have a degree in BBA, you can pursue a master’s in any other subject. You can go for journalism, fashion industry, mass communication, law, or anything else. Doing an MBA is a good option but it’s not limited to only an MBA. Go for a course you are interested in. 

8. BBA is an easy professional course for getting business-related jobs

Bachelor’s in business administration is not easy. In fact, no subject in this world is easy or difficult, it all depends on how you learn and how you perform in it. Again only getting into a BBA college will not let you get into a business-related career. BBA will only teach you the management skills required, not guarantee you a job. 

9. If you want to get into your family business, you must study BBA or MBA

This is again a myth that if you have a family business, you must do BBA. No, it’s not like that. I have friends who are doing great business without having a formal degree in business administration. In fact, you must be aware many top industrialists do not have a degree but have great businesses. Yes, doing a business administration course will let you understand the management requirements well, but it won’t guarantee you that you will be great in handling your family business. That would require your own skills and practical experience. 

10. BBA is not worth the money 

Many parents are of the opinion that BBA is too costly and it’s not worth the money. But you must understand that BBA is a professional course. The amount of exposure in the form of case studies, internships, practice fundamental skills of business and knowledge is good for the students for establishing a great career ahead. Hence, if you count on all these, BBA is totally worth the money. 

So these are some of the myths that most people have with regards to management courses. In the end, it’s all about a student’s skills and interests that matter. Doing a course just for the sake of building a career must not always be the criteria for any course. I hope with this, you understand what all is really there in the BBA field and make the right choice. 

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