A career is important for every candidate. However, the development of the career starts right after the 10+2 education. For this, management courses are the top list priority of most of the candidates. When management courses are discussed, there is no change that IIMs are left behind. But two IIMs are mostly compared, i.e., IIM Jammu VS IIM Bodhgaya.

These two IIMs have major relevance for the North and North-Eastern candidates in India. With this article, we have made an IIM Bodhgaya VS IIM Jammu comparison. Candidates aspiring for management courses should completely read this article to make a better career decision.

Iim Jammu Vs Iim Bodhgaya

IIM Jammu VS IIM Bodhgaya

1. About

IIM Jammu is the youngest member of the IIM family. This means that this institute was established in 2016 by the government of India and it is one of the newest IIM institutes. As the name is suggesting, this institute is situated in Jammu and Kashmir. The standards of education in this institute are high and quality education is imparted by this IIM institute. This institute operated from the Old University Campus, Jammu while the new campus is being set up in Srinagar.

On, the other hand, IIM Bodhgaya is situated in Gaya, Bihar, and was established in 2015. The Week ranked it as 24th in the top B-Schools ranking in India. It is counted as the 16th member of the IIM family. However, this institute is mentored by the IIM Calcutta. The campus is presently located in Prabandh Vihar on a 119-acre. It becomes the third-generation IIM which has its integrated campus.

2. Courses

The next point in the IIM Jammu VS IIM Bodhgaya is the courses. However, both institutes provide similar courses. To list the courses, here are the details of the courses presented by these institutes:

  • IIM Jammu: This institute offers PG, doctoral, and two executive programs, which include PGP, Ph.D., MDP, and FDP. It accepts CAT, GMAT, GRE, GATE, UGC-JRF, and UGC-NET.
  • IIM Bodhgaya: This institute offers PG and Ph.D. levels programs only. It accepts CAT, GMAT, GRE, GATE, or JRF.

3. Fees

The next major point that comes under the IIM Jammu VS IIM Bodhgaya is the Fee range. It is the most important point that is searched by the students usually. Although, every IIM has a high fee structure and this stands true for these institutes as well. However, IIM Bodhgaya is cheaper than IIM Jammu. When the fees are concerned for the PGP or MBA exam, then here are the details for the same:

  • IIM Jammu: INR 13.8 lakhs
  • IIM Bodhgaya: INR 10.6 lakhs
Iim Jammu Vs Iim Bodhgaya

4. Placement

When the placement opportunities are concerned, every IIM differs from the other. It is so because every IIM has its own status and placement cell. When it comes to the IIM Jammu VS IIM Bodhgaya, both have good placement opportunities. Talking about the placement opportunities, here are the placement highlights for these two institutes:

  • IIM Jammu:

The placement process of this institute is managed by the Placement Office. When it comes to the average CTC offered in this institute, it was INR 10 lakhs. While the highest CTC package was INR 24.5 lakhs. The companies that show active participation in the placement drive include Tech Mahindra, Citi Bank, Motilal Oswal, Deloitte, and Hiranandani.

  • IIM Bodhgaya:

Now, when it comes to the placement opportunities by IIM Bodhgaya, then this institute offers some great opportunities. The highest CTC salary package offered to the students was INR 20 lakhs per annum, while the average CTC package was INR 11.04 lakhs per annum. The companies that show active placement in their placement drive include KPMG, OYO, Bisleri, Amul, AGS, Raam Group, and Tech Mahindra.

5. Cutoffs

The main thing that every candidate searches for in these institutes is the cut-off trend. So, the next point of difference in the IIM Jammu VS IIM Bodhgaya is the cutoff trend. For taking admission to the IIM Jammu, the candidate must have a minimum of 95 percentile in CAT. But when it comes to IIM Bodhgaya, a candidate should have a minimum of 93 percentile. After the entrance round, the GD and Interview round is conducted.

Which one is better among IIM Jammu VS IIM Bodhgaya?

Now, if you ask that which is better IIM Jammu or Bodhgaya, then it is quite difficult to answer. This is because, both the institutes are part of the IIM family and possess a good reputation. Both the institutes have good career opportunities and courses offered. Therefore, if you want to choose an institute among these two, then evaluate some factors.

If you have scored 93+ percentile, then you may go for IIM Bodhgaya, while if you get 95+ percentile, then IIM Jammu is the best option. However, the hometown of the candidate may vary for the selection. It is so because many students don’t want to take admission in some colleges that are too far. Therefore, it is going to the personal choice of the candidate. Both the institutes are good for having a great career.

Iim Jammu Vs Iim Bodhgaya


Management courses are the best career option that most of the students are aspiring to today. But it becomes difficult to choose an institute between IIM Jammu and IIM Bodhgaya. With this article, we have listed some of the top differences in IIM Jammu VS IIM Bodhgaya. Refer to these points and then make a personal choice for the same.

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