Hotel management is one of those lucrative courses that many students aspire to be in. However, we all have a tough time explaining to our parents about it. There are a number of misconceptions related to the hotel management area. So if you really want to make a career in hotel management but having a tough time explaining it to your parents, make them read this article. 

The following are 10 myths that are often linked to hotel management. 

Myth 1: Hotel management is all about serving and cooking food

The first thing that comes to our minds when we think of hotel management is people wearing white aprons and serving food. We do connect hotel management with serving food, but that is so not the reality. There are numerous career options in the hotel management like front desk operations, HR, housekeeping supervisor, managers, event organizers, etc. 

Myth 2: Hotel management is not challenging

Many people link poor academics with becoming good in hotel management. I don’t know why people have this opinion but it is not true. For getting into hotel management you have entrances that are equally difficult to crack. Also once you get into any college, you have to be skilled, and each day comes to a new challenge. Along with theory studies, you have various practical lessons as well. So it is definitely not for someone who is poor in studies. It all depends on the interests of the student. 

Myth 3: Hotel management jobs are low paid jobs 

Well, this is again a myth that people associate with hotel management jobs. Of course in any stream, when you start off initially, you do get a low paid job. But with your sheer dedication and experience, you end up getting a good pay job. The same thing applies here and you do get an opportunity to work with some of the big brands like Hilton, Radisson Blu, and Hyatt as managers or directors. 

Myth 4: By studying hotel management, you can have a career in the hotel only 

Doing a course in hotel management opens you up to a plethora of other opportunities that are not limited to hotels. You can work as managers or supervisors in hospitals, conference centers, care homes, exhibitions, etc. You can even work as event managers or in the aviation sector. You can become a professor or work in the travel and tourism sector. There are a lot of opportunities in the catering industry, food processing, and restaurant consulting as well. 

Myth 5: In hotel management, everyone has to begin with serving food and cleaning tables 

Again this is a myth that everyone has to begin his or her career with cleaning tables. There are various options available to hotel management graduates based on their skills. Some become trainees as front desk operations person or executives or managers. You do not have to particularly start your work in the same manner as others say. 

Myth 6: There is no growth in this particular industry

This is again a myth. In today’s globalized world, there are a lot of options and opportunities in the hospitality industry. We all know how much money we spend on restaurants and booking hotels. There are a lot of opportunities in both the private and public sectors as well as in travel, tourism, airlines, catering, etc. You can even work as consultants or freelancers in this industry. 

Myth 7: Those with good cooking skills should pursue hotel management

This is an outright myth that if you are good at cooking, go for hotel management. Hotel management entails a lot of other things where cooking is not involved. If you are passionate about cooking, go for baking courses or cooking courses, not hotel management. If you still want to go for hotel management, you can specialize in the Kitchen area, you can even work as a good stylist. 

Myth 8: Hotel management is one of the easiest courses

No course is easy. Every course demands dedication and sheer passion to be good at it. In fact, hotel management is one of those professional courses that require you to do your readings as well as perform well in practical skills. You also have to work as interns so that you get accustomed to the working life. So surely, hotel management is no easy course and it requires a lot of hard work. 

Myth 9: Hospitality industry and the Hotel industry are both the same 

The hospitality industry is the big sphere in which the hotel industry is one part. The entire hospitality industry includes aviation, restaurants, estate management, transportation, and many more such industries. 

Myth 10:  There is no glamour in the hotel or hospitality industry

The hotel industry is fast becoming a sought-after career destination. While everyone has started small, we have celebrity chefs like Ranveer Brar and Sanjeev Kapoor, as well as internationally acclaimed Michelin Star chefs like Vikas Kapoor. There are also famous restaurant owners like Jiggs Kalra who have created their own legacy. In a world fast becoming a foodie, hotel management is a fast booming go-to industry.

So these were few of the myths that are often there in our parent’s minds. But doing a professional course like hotel management is indeed interesting. Moreover, there are loads of fun activities that are done as well like beer tasting. 

Don’t forget to make your parents aware of these myths and study well for the entrances if you want to get a seat in a hotel management college! 

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