The one thing that comes to our mind whenever we think of a career in management is becoming managers and flaunting our suits and boots while taking rounds of a corporate office. If there’s any movie or serial that portrays the role of a manager, we instantly feel that rush to become one ourselves. 

But by watching these movies and series, we do not seem to realize it but we do gain a lot of learning and knowledge about the corporate world as well. While in some movies we learn the nuances of a good manager or a leader. Below are some of those fictional characters that we have all seen and liked. 

1. Tony Stark, Iron Man

Tony Stark portrays a role wherein he has to shut down his company’s weapons division. Although it’s about entrepreneur skills that we are highlighting here, this man tells us how to adapt and evolve in any kind of business. The same thing applies to management. You have to continuously look for a better approach and way of dealing with your colleagues. Also, innovation is the key to the growth of any company. We learn from Tony Stark how it is important to grow and let go of things that do not serve us. 

2. Michael Scott, The Office

In the Office, Michael Scott is not the politically correct employee, but he always maintains the ethos of his company. He tries to defend the company’s mission while at the same time cares the most for his employees. Michael teaches us how to balance while taking care of the company as well as those working under us. 

3. James T Kirk, Star Trek

Who still loves Star Trek? In Star Trek, James T Kirk taught us how to work in a team and always engage with those who are working with us. Kirk had some of the best advisors and employees handling the various operations of the company but nonetheless he always supported them. Well, what else matters when we have such a supportive manager! 

4. Badmaash Company

Shahid Kapoor and his 3 friends want to make it large in life and so they began to explore the entrepreneur field. But then in a bid to become rich, they start following illegal ways to grow their business that leads to their downfall. So if you want to make it big in life, follow an honest path rather than regretting it later in life! 

5. Corporate

Corporate is an old Bollywood film that revolves around the life of a Vice President of a Food and beverage company acted by Bipasha Basu. It touches upon how the rivalry between the two companies leads to problems in the life of the Vice President. Even though she works efficiently and reaches the ladder to become the Vice President, she has to go through a lot and due to the rivalry, gets caught up in a lot of things. 

6. The InternĀ 

The Intern portrays Anne Hathaway as a successful CEO and De Niro the 70-year-old as an intern who later starts to assist the CEO with his charm and work. So nothing is possible even at the age of 70. Also, the way the CEO behaves with her employees is commendable. She doesn’t have a separate office, she is always available to everyone and she leads by following the thing she wants others to follow. 

7. Miranda Priestly, The Devil wears Prada

Miranda Priestly portrays the role of an Editor of a popular magazine company. The Devil Wears Prada has been adapted as a film from its novel. Miranda is the type of manager who is in full control of her authority and makes lives miserable for those who do not adhere to her instructions. And let me tell you, the corporate life is full of people with these kinds of managers, but do not fret! There are good managers as well. But just to let you know you can watch this film or read the book to know more about her. 

8. Lucius Fox, The Dark Knight Rises

Lucius Fox is the business manager at Wayne Enterprises that supplies Batman with his equipment and also finances his operations. He is an expert businessman and an inventor for all the stuff that Batman uses. He is probably one of the most sought after businessmen who can turn the poor business into successful ones.

9. The Social Network

We have all seen this movie showing the biography of Mark Zuckerberg. There are loads of learning to take up from this movie but some of them are following your skills to innovate and focusing more on the product that you create rather than the monetary value. It also tells an important aspect of business life that you will make a few enemies become successful. 

So that’s about it. There are way more movies or books that talk about management related stuff. You will also find self-help books like the 5 AM Club that talks about the important skills required for any entrepreneurship field. Hope you will read these books and watch these movies to gain more insights. 

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