Preparing an impressive resume for internships can be a tough job. Don’t worry! We, here at Eazyprep will help you in drafting an impressive resume to get yourself hired for an internship. This article will tell you the best tips to be followed and the things that need to be avoided while writing a resume.

Resume for Internships: Best Tips

Don’t Tell Your Entire Story

When you are listing out your past job or internship experience in a resume for internships, do not include everything that you have done in it. Keep in mind that you are applying for a special type of internship, so mention only the experiences related to that particular field, showing why you are the most eligible candidate for that position.

Create an Impression

Try to create an impression in the initial one-third part of your resume for internships, so that the officials scanning through your resume will find it interesting enough to read the whole thing. List out the most important and meritorious aspects of your resume in this part, like education at an important institution or a previous internship at a prestigious institution.

Use Reverse Chronology

This is important, especially concerning your education and previous experience sections. Make a list of both in a way that the last institution or the last employer you worked for comes first. People evaluating your resume for internships would not be interested in your marks in high school or higher secondary, so stick to reverse chronology in such cases.

Don’t write too much

An ideal resume is to be one page in length. Try to make yours short, by adding in only the most important parts. Even a resume of one and a half pages is fine, but make sure it does not go beyond two.

Add references

If you still have a lot of important things to mention in your resume but are afraid that it will go over two pages, you can just add the link to your website or profile in the resume. If the reviewers find your resume interesting enough, they will make sure to visit the link given in it.

Resume For Internships

Formatting of Resumes

Keep it Simple

While preparing your resume, keep the font style and size simple. Do not go for fonts with ornamentations. Simple font styles like Times New Roman would be a good choice. Also keep the font size at 10 or 12, so that the resume is easier to read, the font is neither too small nor too big.

Give Importance to Contact Information

While preparing your resume, make sure to give your contact information at the beginning, next to your name. Ideally, the addresses of candidates are not anymore added to resumes. So you can give your email address or telephone number. You can also add links to your online profiles next to them.

Do not Use Long Paragraph

The reviewer should ideally be able to skim through your resume and still make out the most important aspects and merits of your candidateship. Hence, make sure to not include large paragraphs. Keep the resume to specific points.

Use Active Language

The entire resume should be written in the active language, to show that you are a responsible candidate and have in the past, taken up and successfully completed important missions and projects. It will help your confidence to make an impact on the reviewers.

Take help if it is too Hard

If you are finding it really hard to draft an impressive resume, not knowing where to begin and what all should be added to it, there is no problem with taking the help of an expert. They will guide you in making an impressive resume, only including the most necessary and impressive information.

Hope this article was of help to you in understanding how to draft a resume that has an impact. Make sure that your resume stands out from hundreds of other resumes. We wish you all the best in all your future endeavors.

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