Entrance exams is all about studying smart. This is because you have a huge syllabus to cover, and lots of things to remember. So this time we have come up with some cool tools to help you out increase the chances of having a better score.

Here’s presenting you some short term memory hacks to remember everything. These will help you in preparing, and simultaneously, have fun while learning, too. 

Short term memory hacks

While preparing for exams, you might struggle in learning names and lots of data. You’ll tend to look for shortcuts. But make sure you don’t go the haphazard way. Instead, look for the memory hacks to remember everything. 

Here are a few ideas on memory techniques. 

1. Sleeping 

You may be both happy and shocked while reading this. So, basically, it is known that sleep resets our brain. Sleeping is one of the best memory techniques for studying. Having a good night’s sleep or maybe indulging into a power nap is great! 

It is advised to hit your hay at a proper time. Because, sleep consolidates all the facts and figures. And this is related to the retention territory of an individual. There are studies which reveal that sleep helps in impacting memory. Also, you tend to get more accessible to facts. 

You could also take power naps in between studying, particularly at times when your brain feels dizzy due to an information overload. This will help in memorising new knowledge too. Just make sure the naps are not longer than 20 minutes.

2. The Loci Method

If you are thinking of how to improve memory for studying, the Loci method is something you can consider. The method of Loci is an amazing thing for people who are visual learners. This method makes use of imaginative skills as well as spatial memory. In this method, you can opt for any physical space. Then, you should relate the objects in the space to the things which you wish to learn. You can eventually trigger your mind to relate the information related to these objects. 

This is one of those memory techniques which is used by some favourite detectives of yours. For those of you, who haven’t been able to guess it, let me tell you. 

Sherlock Holmes has used this with the name of the ‘mind palace’.

3. Mnemonics 

This is an incredible idea. You can effectively remember a lot of stuff with this idea. Okay, so mnemonics is a form of chunking. You can make use of phrased or codes to remember headings, patterns and various techniques. These codes are basically trigger words. They help you recall, remember and expand to the real meaning, when required. For example, the rulers of Mughal empire can be learnt with the abbreviation BHAJSA: Babar, Humayun, Akbar, Jehangir, Shah Jahan and Aurganzeb. 

4. Branching 

Branching is a technique of concising the whole idea into a smaller one. You can take up a plain sheet and draw branches noting down various important points related to the topic you are learning. You can also mention different aspects of your answer. You can co-relate it to the concept of mind mapping. 

Here is an example of the same:

7Pnweddnkah4Wbbdcj1Fma7Lyi0 Ftbzqezv79Qwrhvv3Ab1Ngr3Djq6Wfrflwtmzi3Akqjr9Pe2Ytxzyk2Mile2Y6Kcfiiga W6Pmjngrb4Pl1Jmhmtrgge6Yi17Etvoghm23Dh Short Term Memory Hacks

Mind mapping is related to pictures. Your mind is equipped to remember pictures rather than information in paragraphs. So, why not take advantage of it? Agreed? 

5. Written/Oral Practice 

If you ask me, I prefer jotting the points down. This helps me get more confidence about my preparation. I either take up plain sheets or write it down on a white board. It’s like self-teaching. 

But, if I tell you about my best friend, she opts for oral preparation. She reads the topic twice or thrice and is good to go. Though, I am still not able to make peace with it, it’s true. PS : I think she is blessed 😛

You might think which of those is the best way to memorise? There are people who cannot move forward without doing a written practice. However, some people have good oral preparation only. This varies from one individual to the other. You can opt either of the two. 

Pros of opting for short term memory hacks

While looking for ways on how to improve memory for studying, you should know the advantages, too. 

  • Helps you save time and devote it to the required areas
  • Helps you identify areas which need more focus 
  • It helps you cover the syllabus quickly 
  • Leads to quality and fun study time where you can use your creativity 
  • Makes studying interesting in your own way, as per your taste

Studies need your time, focus as well as energy. But, when you have a wide ocean to study, taking shortcuts can be a good and handy thing. Mixing smart and hard work helps and that is were’s where the short term memory hacks come into picture. So, why not make the most of the opportunity? 

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