You charge your mobile phone after a long day of usage, why not charge your mind and body by sleeping? Yes, you read that right! An article which is going to talk about how sleep and studies are correlated in a very important way. Read the article to know how it is rather essential to get that restful sleep to get the best results in your studies. 

We have always had the same notion about sleep when our exams are approaching – to reduce the amount of sleep in order to cram up our syllabus before the dreadful exams come up! However, that practice needs to stop because not only is it harmful for your health, but also for your grades. Young individuals tend to skip on their sleeping schedule due to various reasons, ranging from stress due to exams, late night partying, binge-watching favourite shows and movies (we are guilty too :p), reading, etc. Although these seem like good reasons to skip your night’s sleep, doing this for a longer period of time can be very harmful for your overall health. We have listed below some important reasons on why young individuals like you, who are students need to should get a good night’s sleep everyday:

1. It increases memory and productivity

When you sleep for at least 8-9 hours a day, it gives the body and mind enough time to rest, and rejuvenate. When our mind and body are well rested, we tend to be more active, which increases our productivity and helps us study better with more concentration. When our mind gets its food, which is sleep, it tends to function better and helps us with retention, which is a very important aspect in every student’s life when exams are approaching. 

Pro Tip: If you have trouble sleeping on time, always consume caffeinated products during the day, and not at night. It keeps you up and hinders your sleep routine.

2. It saves you from obesity and other medical issues

It has been found that those who sleep less than 7-8 hours a day are exposed to a higher risk of getting heart disease and obesity issues . Even a week of less can have adverse effects on your health, and puts you more on chances of getting a common cold, and also messes up your blood-sugar levels. Just like we need food and water daily to function properly, our body also requires a good sleeping schedule to keep our health and it’s important functions going.  

3. It regulates your mood

When you have slept poorly, it affects your general mood and governs your social interactions with people around you. Poorly slept people tend to be more irritable, and tend to shout at others more than those who have had a decent amount of sleep. Sleeping not only makes you healthy, but also instills a good mood and keeps you upbeat and active.

Pro Tip: Make sure your room is dark, and not too bright. Dark room helps you sleep better. For added help, you can also make use of eyepatches, which can effectively block out light from all any sources.

4. It strengthens your immune system 

Do you ever wonder why you get so many colds, and so frequently? Try getting a complete 8 hours of sleep. Studies have found that those people who don’t sleep for a minimum of 8 hours daily are thrice more likely to get a common cold. Sleep is extremely crucial for maintaining all round health of our mind and body. If you want to increase your body’s immunity then try having a good night’s sleep and also try to include these immunity boosting food in your daily diet.

Pro Tip: You can try having a hot shower before you hit bed to help you have a sound and restful sleep. Hot water showers relax our muscles which help us sleep better and faster.

5. Increases your athletic performance

If you are someone who loves being outdoors, doing all kinds of exercises, playing sports, etc, sleep is your best buddy to improve your athletic performance. It increases mindfulness, speed, strength, as well your grip. If you are not well rested, it is very possible that you might not see the ball approaching your way, and end up with it hitting your face. Don’t blame us, we have warned you in advance!

Pro Tip: Regular exercising is not only beneficial for your physical health, but also helps you relax and sleep better. Exercising produces endorphins in your body that regulates and reduces your stress levels and helps in improving the quality of your sleep.

6. Helps keep depression away

The correlation between sleep and depression has been a topic of discussion since a long time. According to a study, lesser sleep makes you more susceptible to depression. Your mind which functions tirelessly every second of the day, even when you sleep needs to relax and heal. It needs sleep for all the high intensity work that it does for you all day. Young individuals should make a point to sleep at least 8-9 hours daily to keep their mental, physical and emotional health at check.

We hope that this article motivates you to not skip on your daily sleep routine as it is a very important aspect of your overall health. Sleep is necessary for your productivity and can help you retain more and increase concentration, all of which are needed to get great scores in your exams. Now excuse us for we have to catch up on our sleep!