CUCET is an entrance examination that is all set to get happened in 2022 as well. However, the official notifications for the CUCET 2022 date for examination aren’t yet released by the authorities. Due to no official notification related to this examination, students are still confused about the UG and PG courses details of this exam. 

With this article, we have mentioned all the important details that are related to the CUCET exam 2022 courses. It will include all the recent updates related to courses, eligibility criteria, syllabus, and pattern of these courses. 

Cucet 2022

Recent Updates about CUCET 2022 courses

The main purpose of the CUCET entrance examination is to make merit-based admissions less competitive for the candidates and to provide better opportunities to them. However, the inclusion of the PG courses in the CUCET 2022 is not yet confirmed in DU. As per the latest trends and updates, there are fewer chances that this exam will be considered for the PG course. 

This is so because Delhi University has different existing criteria for admissions to the PG courses. There are very less chances that the system will change for those courses. However, there is no official notification regarding the same till now. Now, when it comes to the UG course admissions, it is expected that the UG course will remain the same as that of 2021. But Delhi University hasn’t mentioned the courses that are going to be part of this examination. Therefore, we need to wait for the official notification for CUCET 2022

Eligibility Criteria 

For the admissions to the UG and PG courses, every participating university can have different eligibility criteria. Many universities may consider 50-50 percent of the 12th marks and CUCET scores. But on the other hand, other universities want to consider the CUCET scores only for admission purposes. Therefore, the eligibility criteria for each course in each participating university can be different. 

It is expected that such eligibility criteria will remain the same this year as well. But no official notification is yet released. Even the new participating universities, i.e., DU and JNU, haven’t released their eligibility criteria for the admissions to various courses.  

Cucet 2022

UG and PG courses in CUCET Entrance Exam 2022

We have mentioned that no official announcement is yet made by the authorities. But we can expect the CUCET 2022 course list to be similar to that of CUCET 2021. Here is the list of the UG and PG courses considered for the CUCET 2021:

CUCET UG Programmes

Integrated MCAComputer ScienceUI001GSBU
B.VocBiomedical SciencesU1002CUHAR
B.VocIndustrial and Waste ManagementU1003CUHAR
B. Tech.Computer Science and EngineeringUI004CUHAR
B. Tech.Electrical EngineeringUI005, UI016CUHAR, CUKNK
B. Tech.Civil EngineeringUI006CUHAR
B. Tech.Printing and Packaging TechnologyUI007CUHAR
Integrated B.Sc. Hons. MScBotanyUI008CUJAM
Integrated B.Sc. Hons. MScZoologyUI009, UI014CUJAM, CUSKAS
Integrated B.Sc. Hons MScChemistryUI010CUJAM
Integrated B.Sc. Hons. MScPhysicsUI011, UI012CUJAM, CUKAS
Integrated B.Sc. Hons. MScMathematicsUI013CUKAS
Integrated B.Sc. Hons. MScBiotechnologyUI015CUKAS
BScPhysics, Chemistry and MathematicsUI018CUKNK
BCAComputer ApplicationsUI019CUODA
Integrated M.Sc.MathematicsUI020, UI026, UI033CUODA, CURAJ, CUTND
Integrated M.Sc.BiochemistryUI021CURAJ
Integrated M.Sc.BiotechnologyUI022CURAJ
Integrated M.Sc.ChemistryUI023, UI031CURAJ, CUTND
Integrated M.Sc.Life SciencesUI032CUTND
Integrated M.Sc.Environmental ScienceUI025CURAJ
Integrated M.Sc.MicrobiologyUI027CURAJ
Integrated M.Sc.PhysicsUI028, UI034CURAJ, CUTND
Integrated B.Sc.TextilesUI071CUTND
Integrated M.ScEconomicsUI036BASE
B.Sc Hons.EconomicsUI037CUAPH
BA Hons.Political ScienceUI038CUAPH
BA Hons.German StudiesUI041CUGUJ
BA Hons.ChineseUI042, UI062CUGUJ, CUJHD
Integrated MASocial ManagementUI043CUGUJ
BAInternational RelationsUI051CUKER
BA Hons.KoreanUI060CUJHD
BASocial ScienceUI067SPUP
B.A.Security ManagementUI070SPUP
Cucet 2022

CUCET PG Programmes

M. A.EducationPG015, PG016, PG017CUKAS, CUPUN, CURAJ
M. EdEducationPG018, PG019, PG020, PG021, PG022, PG023CUGUJ, CUHAR, CUJAM, CUKER, CUPUN, CUSBR
M. A.English Literature and LanguagePG024CUAPH
M. A.EnglishPG025, PG027, PG028, PG030, PG033, PG035, PG036, PG037, PG038, PG039CUGUJ, CUJAM, CUJHD, CUKAS, CUKNK, CUODA, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUSBR, CUTND
M. A.English and Foreign LanguagesPG026CUHAR
M. A.English and Comparative LiteraturePG031CUKER
M. A.Linguistics and Language TechnologyPG032CUKER
M. A.HindiPG040, PG041, PG042, PG043, PG046, PG047, PG048, PG049, PG050, PG051CUGUJ, CUHAR, CUJAM, CUJHD, CUKNK, CUODA, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUSBR, CUTND
M. A.PunjabiPG050CUPUN
M. A.Classical Tamil StudiesPG055CUTND
M. A.KannadaPG056, PG057CUKER, CUKNK
M. A.HistoryPG059, PG060, PG061, PG062CUKNK, CUPUN, CUSBR, CUTND
M. A.SanskritPG068, PG069CUHAR, CUODA
M. ScGeographyPG073, PG074, PG075, PG076, PG077CUHAR, CUJHD, CUPUN, CUSBR, CUTND
M.A.History and ArchaeologyPG058CUHAR
M.Sc.GeologyPG081, PG083, PG084, PG085CUKER, CUPUN, CUSBR, CUTND
M.Sc.Applied GeologyPG082CUKNK
M.Sc.SociologyPG086, PG088, PG093, PG094, PG096CUHAR, CUODA, CUPUN, CUSBR
M.ASocial WorkPG087, PG089, PG097CUGUJ, CUJAM, CUSBR
MSWSocial WorkPG090, PG091, PG092, PG095, PG098CUJHD, CUKER, CUKNK, CURAJ, CUTND
M.Sc.Life SciencesPG100, PG105, PG109, PG121CUGUJ, CUJHD, CUKNK, CUSBR
M.Sc.MicrobiologyPG101, PG112, PG119, PG122CUHAR, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUTND
M.ScBiochemistryPG102, PG107, PG111, PG117CUHAR, CUKER, CUPUN, CURAJ
M.Sc.Nutrition BiologyPG103CUHAR
M.Sc.BiotechnologyPG104, PG118, PG120CUHAR, CURAJ, CUSBR
M.Sc.BotanyPG123, PG343CUKER, CUKAS
M.Sc.ChemistryPG138, PG139, PG140, PG141, PG142, PG147, PG148, PG149, PG344CUHAR, CUJHD, CUKER, CUKNK, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUSBR, CUTND, CUKAS
M.Sc.Computer SciencePG152, PG154, PG156, PG158, PG159GSBU, CUKER, CURAJ, CUSBR, CUTND
M.Sc.MathematicsPG160, PG161, PG162, PG163, PG164, PG165, PG166, PG168, PG169CUHAR, CUJAM, CUJHD, CUKAS, CUKER, CUKNK, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUSBR
M.Sc.Computer Science (Big Data Analytics)PG157CURAJ
M.Sc.PhysicsPG171, PG172, PG173, PG175, PG177, PG178CUJHD, CUKER, CUKNK, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUSBR
M.Sc.Physics (Computational Physics)PG174CUPUN
M.Sc.StatisticsPG179, PG180, PG181, PG182, PG183CUHAR, CUODA, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUSBR
M.Com.M.Com.PG205, PG206, PG208, PG209, PG210, PG211, PG212, PG213CUHAR, CUJHD, CUKER, CUKNK, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUSBR, CUTND
M.ScYoga TherapyPG202, PG204CUKER, CURAJ
MACultural InformaticsPG245CURAJ
M.ScDigital SocietyPG246CURAJ
M. A.Development StudiesPG247CUSBR
M. A.Defence and Strategic StudiesPG248CUGUJ
M. A.Comparative ReligionPG249CUKAS
M. A.TibetanPG255CUJHD
M. A.Islamic StudiesPG256CUKAS
M. A.FolklorePG260CUJHD
M.A.Political SciencePG272, PG274, PG278, PG282CUGUJ, CUHAR, CUKAS, CUPUN
M.A.International Relations and Political SciencePG279CUKER
M.A.Public Administration and Policy StudiesPG280CUKER
M.A.Actuarial EconomicsPG306CUTND
M.A.EconomicsPG289, PG290, PG291, PG292, PG293, PG294, PG295, PG296, PG297, PG299, PG300, PG301BASE, CUGUJ, CUHAR, CUJAM, CUKAS, CUKER, CUKNK, CUODA, CUPUN, CURAJ, CUSBR, CUTND
M. A.General EconomicsPG302CUTND
M.A.PsychologyPG308, PG309, PG310, PG311CUHAR, CUKNK, CUPUN, CUSBR
M. A.GujaratiPG313CUGUJ
M. AGerman StudiesPG315CUGUJ
M.A.Sports PhysiologyPG317CURAJ
M. A.Sports BiochemistryPG318CURAJ
M.A.Sports NutritionPG319CURAJ
M.A.Sports BiomechanicsPG320CURAJ
MASports PsychologyPG321CURAJ
M.A.Folkloristic and Tribal StudiesPG259CUKNK


The details of the UG and PG courses aren’t cleared yet. But with this article, we have mentioned the expected things. We will keep you updated with the latest notifications related to the CUCET  exam date 2022, its syllabus, and courses. Stay Tuned with us!

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