Choosing between course and college has arisen to become an issue of concern for most students applying for the Delhi University. The course they wish to study and the college they wish to study in cannot always be the same. The college you want may give you more infrastructure facilities or maybe more accessible to you, but it is the course that you take that will determine your career and future. When the popular opinion is to rather give more importance to the course that one wants to study rather than the college, this article will go on to give you the reasons for it. So, sit tight and read on.

Course Or College

Importance of the Course

Passion and interest are two factors that play a big role in determining one’s career. Hence, the primary choice of college should ideally be one of the best that offers your required course. Changing your interest just because you would like to go to a different college can turn into a hindrance to the advancement of your career.

Choosing college over course can result in a student following a career that he/she does not have much interest in. Hence course selection should be given priority over college selection. Certain colleges can offer good placements and opportunities, but make sure you hold on tight to your passions. Choosing a college just for good opportunities can end in the same way- being stuck in a job that you do not love. A good opportunity might not necessarily lead to a successful career either. 

Importance of Decision

In the debate between college and course, the importance of taking a decision at the right time becomes very important. Before applying, you need to be sure about your passion and the different career options you might be interested in. This will help you to make a wise choice in the course that you will want to study to get to your goals. The next step would be checking out the best colleges that offer the course and applying for them.

For a bright future when it comes to a career, it is okay to compromise on little things like the lack of satisfying infrastructure in the college that offers your course of choice. Some students might be concerned about the name of the college that appears on their CVs, but they can be remedied by good academic performance scores. Take a look at important figures in various fields of work, they must not have all graduated from prestigious institutions. Hence, it is not the institution that one studies in, but the hard work one does and passion one has that pays off when it comes to a successful career.

Course Or College

So, when you are applying for DU, your choice must be always based on the course that you wish to study and wish to pursue your career on. You might have heard that Indraprastha College has good campus and better infrastructure, but if it is Bharati college where your course takes you, do not hesitate and sign up immediately! The path you choose to get yourself to your aim is equally important as your goal. 

Hope this article was of help to you if you too have been thinking about how to go about choosing the institute for your higher studies. Always put your happiness and satisfaction in your choice of career first. The rest is abounded to fall into the right places. Choosing a career of your choice and choosing a college of your choice can bring you very different lives. So we wish you all the best in all your future endeavors. 

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