CUCET and IPMAT are two examinations for which lakhs of candidates aspire every year. Due to this the competition level of these examinations remains very high. CUCET is conducted for the various UG and PG courses. While an IPMAT is conducted for the integrated program of management. In both the examination, English Language constitutes a major part. Therefore, a preparation strategy for CUCET and IPMAT should be strong.

Many students remain worried about the English Language due to a lack of confidence or knowledge. With this article, we have mentioned the preparation strategy for CUCET or IPMAT. This strategy is specifically for the English Language and for the students who haven’t started anything and want to complete the preparation within 30 days.

Preparation Strategy For Cucet

30-Days Preparation strategy for CUCET

CUCET and IPMAT are two entrances that include the English Language section. It is very important to have a strong preparation strategy to clear these examinations on the first attempt. We have bifurcated the 30-days strategy into three sections which are of 10 days each. A candidate should follow this strategy to cover each and every aspect of the English Language section of both CUCET and IPMAT.

1. First 10 Days strategy

The first 10 days preparation strategy for CUCET or IPMAT is related to the initial basic strategy. During the first 10 days, a candidate has to focus on the basics of the English Language. During these days, a candidate has to focus on basic topics like Grammar, Tenses, or Reading Comprehension. You need to plan things so that content can be easily prepared during these limited days. Highlights of these 10 days preparation strategy for CUCET include:

  • Figure out the existing knowledge you have for each grammar topic as it plays an important part in the preparation of the English language section.
  • Analyze the topics that are part of the English section for the CUCET or IPMAT exam.
  • Work on speaking skills for English.
  • Use newspaper as an initial step for better preparation for the basics of the English language.
  • Use Basic English preparation books, like Norman Lewis’s WPME.
  • Complete the basics within 10 days.
  • Do 1 reading comprehension on daily basis.
  • Work on vocabulary on daily basis by reading newspapers, or articles.
  • Give topic-based tests for better preparation.

The first 10 days of the preparation strategy for CUCET should be devoted to this only. You can make a schedule for such topics, but it should be strictly followed. The level of the English Language section can be Difficult in the IPMAT examination. Therefore, it is very important to have a complete and clear knowledge of the English language. After completing this, you can have to upgrade the strategy.

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2. Next 10 Days Strategy

As part of the next 10 days’ strategy, a candidate needs to upgrade the strategy. In the initial 10 days, you must have cleared the basics of grammar and other English concepts. Now, it is time to work on the next level. Highlights of the next 10 days strategy:

  • Make a self-analysis for the things that you have learned during the initial 10 days.
  • One way to do this is to go to a set of questions and solve it when it again. Analyze how much you have improved.
  • Evaluation is very important for a candidate to analyze the things that need further improvement.
  • Attempt 2 Reading Comprehensions daily. But, this should be done within a time-bound. Analyze which question you have done wrong and why it gets incorrect.
  • Keep on reading the newspapers for better vocabulary and to gain better speaking skills.
  • Attempt miscellaneous questions. It may include error spotting and other grammatical questions.
  • Give complete tests rather than topic-based.

The next 10 days preparation strategy for CUCET and IPMAT must include the increased pace of solving the questions. A candidate needs to attempt difficult questions and analyze the results simultaneously.

3. Last 10 Days Strategy

When you are left with only 10 days for the CUCET or IPMAT exam, it becomes important to focus on the aspects that you are well at. These last 10 days will decide how well you can perform at the main examination. Highlights of the last 10 days preparation strategy for CUCET and IPMAT includes:

  •  Focus on the topics that you think need more improvement.
  • Work on essay-writing topics or spot the error topics. Attempt miscellaneous questions for that.
  • Attempt complete test for the English Language section.
  • Analyze the performance of each test.
  • Gain confidence in attempting questions.

The last 10 days’ strategy is somewhere related to the previously mentioned strategy. A candidate needs to attempt complete tests for this section. However, before 1 day of the actual examination, you have to revise the concepts again to avoid the silly things that may happen during the examination.

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CUCET and IPMAT are two important examinations that are conducted at the national level. However, the preparation strategy for both of these examinations is important. With this article, we have mentioned the strategy that a candidate can follow for the English language section. You should follow this strategy for better preparation.

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