CUCET is an entrance examination that is conducted for the admissions to various UG and PG courses. It is very important to have a better preparation strategy for each section of this exam. One of those sections is General awareness. When you prepare general awareness for CUCET 2022, it becomes important to concentrate on the important stuff. 

However, many students don’t know the best strategy to prepare general awareness for CUCET 2022. With this article, we have mentioned the complete strategy that every candidate should use while preparing for this section of the CUCET exam. 

Prepare General Awareness For Cucet 2022

Strategy to prepare General Awareness for CUCET 2022

  1. Focus on the Static GK and Current Affairs

The syllabus of the General awareness section of the CUCET is highly dependent on the static GK and current affairs. This should be the first thing that any candidate should prepare. When you prepare general awareness for CUCET 2022, it is important to be aware of the current affairs as there are some chances of it being part of this examination. 

When it comes to Static GK, there are many resources and materials available for this section. Use all the important material. However, when you are reading the current affairs, do connect them with the static GK, to have better knowledge. 

  1. Set a time duration 

This strategy is important when you prepare general awareness for CUCET 2022. It is so because you cannot devote a major portion of your examination duration to this section. Therefore, pre-decide a time limit that you will give for the general awareness section. Within this time duration, you need to attempt all the possible questions. Don’t give much more time to this section. 

  1. Use the best newspaper resources

As we have mentioned that the current affairs and static GK constitutes an important part of this examination, therefore, it should be read from the best resources. Some of the best newspaper resources to prepare general awareness for CUCET 2022 includes:

  • The Hindu
  • The Times of India
  • Indian Express

These 3 newspapers should be the priority of any candidate. However, there are many other resources that you can use as a secondary source. This includes Hindustan Times, Business Standard, Economic Times, Mint, The print. In, and New India Express. You can use these resources for better preparation. 

Cucet 2022
  1. Prepare more Business and Economics Related Questions

The syllabus of the general awareness section of the CUCET 2022 constitutes various things. One of those topics is Business and Economics Related Questions. You need to focus on this part as there are high chances of questions to be asked from this section. Keep yourself updated with this section and read magazines, articles, and follow business news channels. 

  1. Give at least 2 months for preparation

General awareness is one of those sections that require better preparation as it can help a candidate to score better in this exam. Good preparation cannot be completed within 1 month. Therefore, it is very important to give at least 2 months to prepare general awareness for CUCET 2022. In these 2 months, you can prepare static GK, current affairs of various previous months. 

  1. Try to make Multiple Option Questions 

When you are preparing for the general awareness section of the CUCET 2022, the best strategy is to make multiple-type questions for each question. This will help the candidate to learn various things in one go. When you are taking notes for general awareness, takedown in such a manner that you can cover most of the questions related to it. Forming such types of questions will help the candidate to remember and recall various current affairs related to that news. 

  1. Revision is Important

Now, when you have prepared this section with a good strategy, it becomes important to have some time for revision as well. Revision of the current affairs and general awareness section is important so that you will not commit silly mistakes. Revision during the last days of the preparation days is going to be vital as it is necessary the remember the correct answers for the correct questions. Therefore, you should have some days reserved for the revision. 

Cucet 2022


CUCET is an entrance examination that is expected to remain competitive this year as well. Therefore, it is important to prepare every section efficiently. With this article, we have mentioned the strategy to prepare general awareness for CUCET 2022. Follow this strategy to have better preparation for this section. 

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