BMMMC DU is the Bachelor of Arts Honors course in Multimedia and Mass Communication offered by the Indraprastha college for women in Delhi, which functions under the Delhi University. If you want to know what career options and placement options you will have if you choose this course, then go through this article.

Bmmmc Du

Career Options of BMMMC DU

A BMMMC DU degree is very useful if you want to get into several sectors related to mass media and mass communication. The course helps you in getting trained in fields like writing, video making and editing, sound recording and mixing, reporting, jockeying, producing, etc. It opens doors to fields like Cinema, TV, Journalism, Public Relations, Publishing, etc. Given below are a few career options for the students who graduate from the DU BMMMC.

Cinema and TV
  • Producing: A producer of a cinema or a television series or program is integral to the project since he/she watches over the project from its inception to its completion. The producer also takes part in strategizing methods for marketing the end product, working closely with the other staff, including the director.
  • Directing: The head of a filming crew, a director takes decisions as to how a scene is to be shot. He has overall power over every single part of production including cinematography, lighting, editing, etc.
  • Sound Mixing and Recording: A professional in this field helps in polishing the input sounds of a video and editing and mixing the sound levels to perfection.
  • Editing and Vision Mixing: In this field, the professionals help in editing the videos to present a polished final product. A professional in the field of vision mixing edits live programs as they are being recorded and transmitted, including transitions and frame manipulation when needed.
  • Scriptwriting: The professionals following this career can be writers for films, TV dramas, commercials, and shows.
  • Radio Jockey: The professionals in this industry work in radio stations, presenting programs, and selecting and choosing music and programs to be played over to the public. They also interact with the listeners on the phone.
  • Video Jockey: Video jockeys have to host programs on Tv, which are interactive with the public in nature.
Public relations

The professionals in this field work with firms, companies, and organizations in keeping up their reputation. They influence the opinions of their clients in choosing what is best for them, to be exhibited in public.


This field includes journalists like reporters, correspondents, news editors, news anchors, etc. You may have to get a higher degree if you are choosing this profession because the competition in this field is really strong.

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Placements for BMMMC Students

Indraprastha college for women needs the students of the BMMMC DU program to undergo compulsory internships. The four-week-long internships then can lead to the placement of the student with the same or a different company. This offers the students a hand in the feel of the industry that they will be entering. They are supposed to put the knowledge that they have acquired during their semesters to use during their training and internship period. It will also help them in finalizing the career that they would want to choose.

The BMMMC IP college placement cell offers recruitments to the students. The department of Mass Media and Mass communication acts as an interface between the students and the companies that approach for campus selection. Only the best offers are then forwarded to the students. Some of the organizations, companies, and institutions where the students of the program have done internships and have attained placements are:

  • NDTV
  • The New Indian Express
  • Wipro
  • Radio Mirchi
  • Balaji Telefilms
  • ScoopWhoop
  • The Economic Times
  • CNBC International
  • Longfrom PR
  • The Business Standard
  • All India Radio
  • Google
  • DD Sport
  • National Geographic
  • Penguin Books
  • Amazon India
  • Zee Media
  • The Hindustan Times
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Thus, the BMMMC DU offers a lot of placements in renowned companies and organizations. It also helps students in understanding what field they have an aptitude in and helps them in finalizing their career choices. Thus, choosing Indraprastha College for Women for the BMMMC Course will be a good option if you have an interest in these fields and do not know how to go about it in your future.

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