BMMMC Entrance Exam syllabus is specified by Delhi University. BMMMC Entrance Exam is the test conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for the admissions for the Bachelor of Arts Honors course in Multimedia and Mass Communication, offered by the Indraprastha College for Women, under the Delhi University. Preparing for any competitive exam is very hard and this article will give you an idea about how to prepare for the BMMMC exam.

Bmmmc Entrance Exam Syllabus Info

Understanding the BMMMC Entrance Exam Syllabus and Pattern

The first step of preparing for an exam is understanding the BMMMC Entrance Exam Syllabus and question paper pattern. The BMMMC Entrance Exam is generally 2 hours long with 100 multi-choice computer-based questions. Every right answer is awarded 4 marks and 1 mark is deducted for every wrong answer. The question paper has 5 sections and 20 questions are asked from each. The sections are:

  • English Comprehension
  • Current Affairs
  • General Awareness
  • Grammatical and Analytical Skills
  • Media Awareness

The topics covered in each of the sections are as follows:

SectionTopics Asked
English ComprehensionPassages from literary texts and articles.
Current AffairsWorld Politics, Indian Politics, Sports events, Awards and Honors, Conflicts, etc.
General AwarenessInventions and discoveries, World organizations, Books and Authors, Famous personalities, Disasters, Solar System, Arts, Science and technology, Historical events, etc.
Grammatical and Analytical SkillsSynonyms, Antonyms, English Comprehension, Idioms, and phrases, Para jumbles, Prepositions, Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs, Analogies, Sentence formation, Sentence Reconstruction, Spelling mistakes, Rearrangement of words and sentences, etc.
Media AwarenessHistory of Newspapers, History of print media, Basics concepts of journalism, Basic concepts of mass communication, History of television, Basic concepts of cinema, Ethics of media persons, etc.

Having a clear understanding of the BMMMC Entrance Exam Syllabus and questions paper pattern of the exam you are preparing for is very important. It helps you in using your time efficiently during the preparation period, helping you not wasting time reading up on less useful materials. It also makes the practice sections easy, since you now know what to expect from each of the sections. If you wish to graduate in mass communication from DU and are interested in the BMMMC DU course, hope this article was helpful to you in understanding the BMMMC exam pattern and the BMMMC Entrance exam syllabus.

Preparation Strategy

After understanding the syllabus and choosing the best study materials you can use the following steps to effectively use your time in preparing for BMMMC Entrance Exam according to the BMMMC Entrance Exam Syllabus:

Make a study plan

After doing a self-analysis of your knowledge in each of the sections of the exam, you can create a study plan allocating time to each of the sections based on their difficulty levels. Be sure to allot more time to the topics you find difficult. Be sure to give attention to the following:

  • Set a goal each day and work hard to achieve it.
  • Allocate time to revise what you have learned that day.
  • Take small breaks every hour, to keep you motivated and fresh.
  • Make notes while studying, so that you can go through it when necessary.
  • Make sure that you sleep at least 6 hours a day.
Revise and practice

After finishing studying every section and topic, be sure to revise everything at least once a week, so that the knowledge stays refreshed in your mind. Revision is as important as studying. You can also take mock tests using the BMMMC previous year question paper after you are done with the studies and revision. 

Must Reads Eazyprep 1 3 Bmmmc Entrance Exam Syllabus, Beginners' Preparation Strategy And Books

Choosing the Best Study Materials

There are a lot of books you can refer to when it comes to preparing for the BMMMC entrance exam. Selecting the best study material according to the BMMMC Entrance Exam Syllabus is very important. You need to wisely choose the texts that are prepared on the updated syllabus of DU BMMMC. The following are the best source materials for preparing for each of the sections:

1. English Comprehension

The best way to prepare for this section is to read literary and non-fictional texts. You can also practice comprehension questions using the following books:

  • Pearson’s English
  • Arihant General English for all Competitive Examinations by Hari Mohan Prashad
2. Current Affairs

The best way to prepare for this section is to keep yourself updated with recent news about national and international events since they are included in the BMMMC Entrance Exam Syllabus. You can also use the following books:

  • Manorama Yearbook
  • Pearson India Yearbook
Bmmmc Entrance Exam Syllabus Ga
3. General Awareness

This section checks your knowledge in basic concepts of social sciences and general sciences, like history, geography, politics, biology, etc.

  • Pratiyogita Darpan
  • Lucent’s GK
  • Arihant General Knowledge
  • General Awareness by Manohar Panday
4. Grammatical and Analytical Skills

This section checks your knowledge of basic grammatical concepts you’ve learned in schools. You can also use the following books:

  • High School English Grammar & Composition by Wren and Martin
  • Arihant General English for all Competitive Examinations by Hari Mohan Prashad
  • English – From Plinth to Paramount by Neetu Singh
  • Objective General English by S.P. Bakshi
  • Pearson’s English
5. Media Awareness

BMMMC Entrance Exam Syllabus of this section consists of questions from basic concepts about media and journalism generally taught in the media stream in higher secondary education. The journalism textbooks of classes 11th and 12th would be very useful in preparing for the exam. The following books can also help you:

  • Mass Communication in India by Keyal J Kumar
  • Mass Communication: Principles and Concepts by Seema Hasan

Preparing according to the BMMMC Entrance Exam Syllabus will help you in cracking the exam. Hope this article helped learn about the various preparation methods and the various source materials. Also, be sure to check out the article BMMMC Entrance Exam | How difficult is it?.

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