Should You Choose Money or Passion? That is a question which haunts many of us.

Should you aim for a stable career which gives you money or should you go for your passion which may or may not give you money but gives a ton of satisfaction. You must have had such thoughts about your future at least once in your life, and must have found yourself deeply confused about which path to take. By means of this article, we will try to help you realise what you should really look for from life.

The debate on money vs passion has haunted even the best of people on earth, irrespective of all age groups. It is a serious matter which decides the shape of our future. Before we delve into the article, we want to make you realise that each of us are different. We all have different situations, and different outlook towards life. While some of you might believe that money is your top priority, others might be of the view that they want satisfaction and happiness in their life, which might not comprise money!

It goes without saying that both happiness and money are important aspects of our life, and we need both to function better. However, the definition of happiness is a very subjective matter. Some might think that having a big bank balance would make them happy, while some might think that following their passion gives them happiness and joy, even though they don’t get obscene amounts of money from it. So you see? Both of these are simply subjective views, and you should know that they both are okay

Money as priority 

Money in today’s time holds a lot more value that we all might like it to have. Every little thing requires money, even the most basic of amenities. It is very difficult to imagine our lives without having any money, as our survival and that of our loved ones depends on it. We need money to have the best luxuries in life, and we need money to get us out of the worst experiences too. Some of you might not have had the best past experiences in the areas of money, and believe that having ample amounts of money is your goal in life. It is okay to aim for money, but it is equally important not to chase money. If you wish to grow yourself and in your career, it is important to take small steps up the ladder of success, and not find dishonest and unlawful shortcuts that might land you in trouble. 

Passion as priority

Aiming for a stable career which pays you decent paycheck every month is a good career choice, as long as it makes you satisfied and happy. There are people, who have insane amounts of money, all the luxury cars, the big houses that one often finds in the movies, fancy designer clothes and jewelleries. But, in spite of all these, they lack happiness and contentment. While not to miss, there are people who love their 9 to 5 job and enjoy walking up each day and going to work. What all this indicates to me is that money as a priority is good, as it helps you pay your bills, and allows you to have things that you might not have if you had followed your passion which may or may not have paid you well. Money can give you a sense of security, and stability. But it does not guarantee a happy life for all, because sometimes, as they say,

Money can’t buy you happiness.”

Everyone has some or the other passion that they possess, which drives them and motivates them to do more. This gives you reason and purpose in life. It motivates you and keeps you up at night dreaming. There is a common fear and misconception that you should abandon your passion and interest because they are not a safe bet in life, as they might not give you enough money to lead a comfortable life. However, this notion is completely wrong. There is no reason to believe that passion and money cannot co-exist together. A lot of millionaires and billionaires are famous not because they followed a “secure and well thought” career path in life, but they chose to follow their dreams and passion.

If you believe in your passions enough, and are extremely dedicated about it, then you should follow them. Material objects in life might give temporary joy, but their charm soon fades away with time. What stays is the happiness and contentment that you will get out of following your dreams every single day of your life. As long as you have enough to survive, and a fire inside you to take your dreams and make them into reality, there is no harm in pursuing your passion. If it gives you a sense of satisfaction and joy in life, then you should embark on this journey of living your life and following your passion. Sometimes it is the little things that fill our hearts with joy and not the wealth and glamour that surrounds it. It is important to chase happiness and your dreams. All of you have a special talent, and life is too short to not realise them and follow them, for as Confucius said,

Choose a job you will love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

What we feel

  1. First, think deeply if your passion is something you want to pursue as a career, or is it just a hobby? Can you practice it consistently in a professional manner? What returns are you looking from it? How much time do you want to devote to it?
  2. Secondly, just remember that you will have time in life for both passion and money. Many people work in stable fields, but also pursue their passions on the side till the passion becomes profitable enough for them to switch full time.
  3. Before making your decision, think of what you just cannot survive without right now. Can you not survive without your passion, but a lack of high salary would do? Depending on your savings and financial backing, go for your passion then!
  4. Similarly, if you cannot survive without a stable package right now, then go in for the stable career and practice your passion side by side. Keep finding avenues to make your passion a livelihood and then switch.
  5. In some cases, you could also practice the same side by side. Your stable career as a means of livelihood and your passion as a hobby.

We don’t intend to tell you which path you should choose and which you shouldn’t. We just intend to tell you that it is important to do what you want in life, and that which will give you maximum happiness and satisfaction. So, try to find a balance between passion and money, for they can and do go together in life. You can have a secure job and still chase your passion, and you can also have a passion which earns you your bread and butter in life. Both are possible and we hope this article helps you understand yourself and your priorities better.

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