If you think that taking up humanities in class 11th limits career opportunities and only PCM students have the best career options, then my friend, you are wrong! I myself belong to the humanities background and I can assure you that now with a globalized economy, more and more doors are open for humanities students. In fact, there are a lot of interdisciplinary career courses that are can prove to be beneficial for you. 

So worry not, this article has got you covered with the plethora of career options for humanities students. 

First, let us talk about the professional courses that can be availed by you to have a career in that particular area. 

1. Law

Cracking the CLAT and doing a BA.LLB opens various career options in the field of law. This field is not just limited to being lawyers, you can even become corporate legal advisers, work in public sector enterprises or the development sector, and also become consultants. 

2. Hotel Management and Tourism

A degree in hotel management has varied opportunities in the hospitality sector, hotel industry, event management. The tourism sector also employs students studying HM. You may choose to specialize in any particular area in the hotel management field. 

3. Journalism

For journalism, you can pursue journalism honors that is known as BJMC. It opens opportunities in editing, corresponding, art direction, news reporting, and reading areas. You can even become a travelogue writer. 

4. Business Administration

A degree in business administration can open many areas of the corporate world. You can even go for higher education and increase your chances of getting into a good company. 

5. Fashion industry

You can even go for certain degrees in the fashion industry like designing, art creation, coordinator, writer, etc. There are also opportunities in the footwear industry, jewelry designing these days. 

Now let us talk about some of the career options available for humanities subject-specific courses. 

1. Educational institutions

You can study any humanities subject and aim to become a teacher or a professor. Almost every subject is being taught and requires educational professionals. You can also join the administration division of the educational institutions. 

2. Sales, Marketing and HR executive

After graduating in any subject, you can pursue a master’s in business administration to work as executives in an MNC. Apart from sales, marketing or HR, currently, there are other specializations as well, like supply chain, business analyst, AI specialist, etc. 

3. Counseling and therapists 

A degree in psychology can help you in becoming budding psychologists, therapists, and counselors. This is a field that is highly required nowadays seeing the pressure of today’s fast life and increased mental health ailments. 

4. International organisations

A degree in political science, economics, international relations, history can grant you a position in various international organizations like the World Bank, United Nations, APAC, and others. They do have requirements of a subject-specific field. 

5. Archaeology/Museology

If you have an interest in history, then you must be knowing about archaeology. Yes! You can actually build your career in archaeology. Similarly, you can opt for a particular master’s in museology to make a fascinating career visiting museums, writing about it, implementing its renovations, and contributing to preservation of heritage sites. 

6. Administration/ Government services

You can graduate in any subject and give the prestigious civil services, state services, and other government service exams to serve the government administration. 

7. Research analysts

Research analysts are required for any field these days. You know even big multinationals have certain requirements for research analysts. Similarly, you can opt for higher studies and publish research papers for working in think tanks, research firms, and also social or political organizations. You can study economics, political science, sociology, psychology to pursue a career as research analysts. 

8. Risk advisory

Risk advisory is a field where students pursuing economics can work. Even though it is a commerce field, economics students are getting jobs in this sector. You can also go for certificate courses in risk advisory to make a career in this field. 

9. Politics and government sector

Students pursuing political science and international relations can also work as lobbyists, diplomats, intelligence specialists, or political analysts in various industries. These are required by the private sector as well as government sector alike. 

10. Content writer/ developer 

Even though content writing is considered to be a field of English majors students, nowadays it has extended beyond the English field. You can develop, write, and pitch in content in your own subject as well. All you need is to improve your writing skills and you are good to go. 

11. Public relations

You can even have a great career in the field of public relations. For this, you can either do specific courses in PR or public administration and you can also pursue it after graduating in any of the humanities subjects. 

12. Translator

You can also do a degree in any of the foreign languages like German, French to become translators or interpreters in embassies, private firms, and international bodies. 

13. Social services

Studying sociology, philosophy or any other subject will always let you work in the social service sector such as in an NGO. 

You can even get a job in the CSR field of private companies. 

Apart from all these, you can literally study anything and work in any other field. Humanities is a subject area that connects science with humanity and in today’s busy lives, we really need such people.

Gone are the days when you studied just one specific subject! You can even opt for exciting career options like liberal studies, gender studies, rural management, and women studies. The opportunities are vast, you just need to find your niche! 

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