Christ University Entrance test (CUET) is an entrance test conducted by the Christ university for the admission of various courses. The courses include BBA, B. Com (Hons), BA LLB, BBA (Finance), BBA LLB, BA-CEP, and various other programs. The admission for these courses in this university includes Entrance Test, Skill Assessment, Micro Presentation, and Final Interview.

When it comes to the Christ University Entrance test, the competition level for this is high. This entrance test is conducted in online mode. But sometimes, many students ask if they can Cheat in this exam? Is Cheating possible in this Remote Proctored exam? Is there any supervision mechanism for this proctored examination?

With this article, we have mentioned the details of the Christ University entrance Test, and whether cheating is possible in this exam or not?

Christ University Entrance Test

Christ University Entrance Test (CUET) Details

In this section of our article, the details of the Christ University Entrance test are mentioned:

Exam NameCUET
Exam ModeOnline
Number of Questions Asked120
Questions TypeObjective
Syllabus SectionsSix sections (It varies as per the course applied for)
Courses CoveredBCOM, BCOM (Hons), BBA LLB (Hons), BA LLB (Hons), BBA (Hons), BBA Finance and International Business, BHM, BBA Finance, and Accountancy, BCOM (International Finance), Bachelor of Computer Applications, BA Journalism (Hons), BA English (Hons), BBA Business Analytics, BA Journalism, BA Psychology, BA English, BBA (Travel and Tour Management), Engineering
Application FeeINR 1000

Is Cheating Possible in Remote Proctored Examination like CUET?

Cheating in any remote proctored examination like CUET Christ University is not allowed, and one should not go for this practice. But still, many students think that cheating is possible and say in the remote proctored examination.

Remote Proctored examinations are examinations that are conducted through online mode, and students can give the same from their home. There is no environment like an examination hall. Therefore, some may think cheating is easy in these examinations. But the things are opposite.

Here are the reasons that show that cheating is quite difficult in these examinations.

1. Supervision throughout the examination

There indeed is no environment like the exam hall in this examination, but there is a surveillance system. When a student starts an examination, they are asked to open their webcam. For every 10 students, a proctor is assigned. He/she will have surveillance on the student’s actions throughout the Christ University entrance exam duration. At any moment, students’ actions are doubtful, they will get disqualified.

However, in case a student is thinking that they can cheat by finding a moment, then a student should know that he/she is being recorded throughout the examination time.

2. 360-Degree of the Room

Sometimes, the proctor can ask the students to provide a 360-degree round of the room. This is done to ensure that no one is present behind the laptop and in the room. During the examination time, no one is allowed to stay in the room. If a person is present in the room, then it becomes doubtful. Therefore, if a student is thinking of taking the help of his/her family members, then they may fail in this respect.

3. Use of Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence during examination time is much prevalent nowadays. In the Christ University Entrance test, there are chances that the use of artificial intelligence will be made to supervise the exam conduction. In this process, artificial intelligence will monitor the eye moments or body moments of the candidate. In any case, the moment is found suspicious, the candidate will be given a Red Flag. With 2-3 Red Flags, a candidate will get disqualified.

4. Access to a Web browser

Before starting the Christ University Entrance Test examination, a candidate needs to give access permission to the web browser. With this permission, the authorities can see what a candidate is surfing during the time of examination. In case, any candidate surfs anything in a new tab, the whole information will get transmitted to the examination authorities.

With this, a candidate will get disqualified from the examination at that very moment. No candidate can even surf in the Incognito mode. The information from Incognito mode can become a reason for disqualification.

5. Recording of the Audio-Video

Throughout the Christ entrance exam, the audio video of the candidate will be recorded. Many students prefer to read the question aloud and then solve them. But, reading out loud here is also counted as cheating practice. It is assumed that the student is reading aloud to help someone sitting near to him/her. Anyone doing this will get disqualified from the examination.

Therefore, the audio-video recording prevents cheating practices in remotely proctored examinations like Christ University Entrance Test.

Christ University Entrance Test

Tips for CUET examination

Christ University Entrance Test is a tough examination but it can easily be cracked if prepared. Adopting cheating tricks for clearing the examination can be a cause of disqualification. Therefore, avoid cheating tricks for this examination.

To clear this examination, one needs to have a proper strategy. The strategy should include syllabus analysis, practicing concepts from books, attempting the Christ university mock test, and revising things. This kind of strategy can easily help a student to crack this examination.

Apart from the preparation strategy, one should know they have to show the rough paper to the proctored. A candidate needs to ask permission for using a rough paper and they have to show the paper on the webcam. The concerned authority will check whether something is written or not.

Only then, a candidate will be allowed to use the rough paper. In case a candidate doesn’t ask for permission, he/she will get disqualified if caught for using a rough paper.


Christ University Entrance Test (CUET) is a reputed examination. Candidates aspiring for this university should not go for cheating practices. Cheating practices are the wrong way to clear the examination. Therefore, a preparation strategy can help the individuals to clear this examination easily.

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