CUET B Com Entrance Exam is conducted by Christ University, Bangalore as a part of the admission process for the Bachelor in Commerce (B.Com Honours) program. The exam is of National Level and can be taken by anyone who has passed Grade 12. The application for all candidates is Rs. 5000. 

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The interested candidates should be aware of the exam pattern for better and qualitative preparation. The exam pattern is stated below. 

CUET B Com Entrance Exam Pattern 

The CUET B Com Entrance Exam is conducted in an online mode. The duration of the exam is 1.5 hours. The exam is for 90 marks. For every correct answer, you will be awarded 1 mark. But for every wrong answer, 0.25 marks are deducted. The exam has 6 sections and the break-up is stated as follows. 

Section Marks
Fundamental Accounting10 
Quantitative aptitude, numerical ability, fundamental mathematical operations20
Data analysis and interpretation 10 
Reasoning – critical, analytical, and logical10
General knowledge, current affairs 20
English language, comprehension skills, and verbal reasoning 20

Though the exam has many sections, the marks for each are divided well. 

Let’s quickly grab on some general tips to begin preparing for the Christ B.Com entrance test. 

Overall Preparation Strategy 

1. Balance weak and strong areas 

CUET B Com Entrance Exam has various sections. So while preparing, it is important for you to figure out your strong and weak points. Then you should devote time and focus accordingly. Keep the preparation of your strong areas going. For the weak areas, form a timetable which helps you cover the areas in the best possible way. 

2. Create your own tricks and shortcuts 

The traditional way of learning may not always help. It may be long and time-consuming. Therefore, you should form tricks and shortcuts to save time in the exam. You should try and solve the question in a few seconds. You can either form themselves or take help from various online portals. 

3. Prioritise current affairs

So this goes for most of your exams. GK is a part of many and so you should cover them on priority. Try and make a habit of reading the newspaper. You should have an idea about different current happenings. Various topics like history, geography, basic science as well as entertainment should be well covered. 

Those of you who are preparing for the CUET B Com Entrance Exam and are looking for a section-wise preparation strategy, here you go. 

Section-wise preparation strategy 

1. Fundamental Accounting 

Accounting is a part of the commerce curriculum. While preparing for the CUET B Com Entrance Exam, you’ll have to keep practicing the accounts questions. There will be 10 questions. If you are well versed with the adjustments, you may not face a problem. However, don’t take it lightly as then you may find it difficult to solve. 

Preparation Strategy:

Make use of your reference course books or maybe join a crash course. With this, you will have a habit of regular practice. Try and devote 2 hours every day to accounts practice. 


  • DK Goel book for accountancy 
  • TS Grewal double entry book keeping 
2. Quantitative Aptitude

You will have 20 questions from this section of the CUET B Com Entrance Exam. The level of difficulty is usually moderate. If you know and can apply the required tricks well, then you won’t face many issues. 

Preparation Strategy:

You can score a good score in this section. All you need to do is practice everyday religiously. Analyze your performance on a daily basis. Then you can form shortcuts and apply them during the practice the next day. 


  • Quantitative aptitude – RS Aggarwal 
  • Shortcuts in Quantitative aptitude – 2nd edition 
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3. Data Analysis and Interpretation 

The 10 questions of this section of the CUET B Com Entrance Exam range between easy to moderate. You can expect questions in the form of pie charts, bar graphs, pictorial representations, paragraphs, etc. 

Preparation Strategy:

You can take up this section on alternate days or on a weekend basis. Though this is a relatively easy section but still needs practice. Don’t take it lightly and keep practicing new formats of questions. 


  • A complete book of data interpretation and analysis 
  • Data analytics (unabridged)
4. Reasoning

This section of the CUET BCom Entrance Exam has 10 questions but the level of difficulty varies from moderate to difficult. You need quickness and accuracy to solve these questions. 

Preparation Strategy:

A thorough practice of questions from various topics is a must. What you can do is pick a topic and solve the questions related to it, say for 4-5 days. Shift to the next topic then. After some time, you’ll be able to recognize the type of questions that need more practice. 


  • RS Aggarwal – verbal and non-verbal reasoning
  • Arihant Publications 
  • MK Pandey book for reasoning
Learn Logical Reasoning At Eazyprep 1 7 Cuet B Com Entrance Exam | Preparation Strategy
5. General Knowledge and Current Affairs 

As mentioned earlier as well, GK is something you’ll find in most of the entrance tests. CUET BCom Entrance Exam covers 20 questions belonging to current affairs. These can range from easy to moderate. 

Preparation Strategy:

So, personally, I felt that the thing about current affairs is that either you know them or you don’t. The rest of the sections can still be tackled in some of the other ways. For current affairs, you would require a proper background story of the issue as well as the current scenario. Newspapers/magazines and current year books will help you. 


  • The Hindu
  • Indian Express
  • The Tribune
  • Manorama Year Book
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6. Verbal Ability

The comprehension, grammar, sentences, etc. can be of various kinds. The level of difficulty can be moderate to difficult. But if you have worked on your vocab, you won’t face many issues. There are 20 questions in this section of the CUET BCom Entrance Exam

Preparation Strategy:

Newspapers will help you in building up a nice vocabulary. Also, you should make it a habit of reading. With reading, also try and practice papers on an alternate day basis. Spend time in analyzing and ratifying the mistakes, too. 


  • SP Bakshi – Objective General English 
  • Wren and Martin
  • Pearson English 
  • Plinth to paramount English – Neetu Singh 
Nchmct Jee Exam Verbal Ability

Christ University is a dream for many. So, if you have a chance to get admitted, give it all you have at the CUET B Com Entrance Exam. Click here to read the analysis of the previous year’s question papers.

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