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Japan’s Hayabusa 2 aircraft nearing Earth after a year-long journey

1 2 Daily Current Affairs Update | 03 December 2020

Hayabusa 2 aircraft was launched by Japan to study asteroid Ryugu.

It is the first time in the history of world space that underground samples have been collected from an asteroid.

It will reach South Australia by 6th December 2020 carrying surface and underground samples from Ryugu.

Quick Fact: The Japanese space exploration organization is called JAXA, Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency.


Gujarat launched PPP project in Leopard rescue and rehabilitation

2 2 Daily Current Affairs Update | 03 December 2020

Gujarat forest department has transferred 12 leopards from Sakkar Baug Zoological Park in Junagadh to the private centre Rescue and Rehabilitation Kingdom in Jamnagar. 

These leopards were captured after they encountered conflicts with humans. 

This is Gujarat’s first of its kind project.

Quick Fact: The project has been implemented in PPP between Gujarat State government and  Reliance Industries Limited.


Blue tides spotted in Mumbai beaches

3 2 Daily Current Affairs Update | 03 December 2020

The blue tide phenomenon has been observed in various stretches of Maharashtra coast, like Mumbai’s famous Juhu Beach.

Blue tide phenomenon is due to bioluminescence— the emission of light by microscopic marine plants called phytoplanktons.

The light is emitted during a chemical reaction of proteins and can be caused by various factors like climate change, heavy rainfall, low oxygen and high nitrogen in water.

Quick Fact: Bio-luminescence is rare in India and sometimes found in not Lakshadweep, Goa and Maharashtra.


Lahore tops list of world’s most polluted cities: US Air Quality Index

4 2 Daily Current Affairs Update | 03 December 2020

Lahore has topped the list of world’s most polluted cities again as per US Air Quality Index.

Its particulate matter rating is 423.

It is followed by New Delhi and Kathmandu with particulate matter ratings of 229 and 178, respectively.

Quick Fact: Air Quality Index is calculated based on five major air pollutants— ground level ozone, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter.


Mysterious monoliths appear in Utah and Romania

5 2 Daily Current Affairs Update | 03 December 2020

Monoliths are large single-standing blocks of stone. 

Utah is a remote desert in USA in which the first recent 9.5 feet tall monolith was found. 

After its sudden disappearance, a second taller monolith has been found in Romania.

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