With all new possibilities of the past and future, let’s learn about some National and International Important Days In May. 

1st May

International Labour Day/May Day

International Labour Day is celebrated all around the year every year on the 1st of May. In India, we call it Antarrashtriya Shramik Diwas or Kamgar Din. It is a celebration of labourers and the working classes and has been promoted by the international labour movement. 

Maharashtra Day/Maharashtra Diwas

This day marks the formation of the state of Maharashtra from the division of the Bombay State on 1st May 1960. The Bombay state consisted of parts of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa and Madhya Pradesh before this.

3rd May

Press Freedom Day

Press Freedom Day is an opportunity to evaluate freedom of the press in various countries of the world and to pay tribute to journalists who lost their lives while practising their profession. 

4th May

Coal Miners Day

Coal Miners Day is observed to honour coal miners and their contribution to society and economies despite being in very dangerous professions. 

International Firefighters Day

This day was first proposed on 4th January 1999 in Australia when five firefighters lost their lives. From then on, this day is observed to recognise and honour the contribution made by firefighters for public safety and the environment.

First Sunday of May

World Laughter Day

This unique day started in India! On 10 May 1998, the first celebration was held in Mumbai, India. Dr Madan Kataria, who is the founder of the Global Laughter Yoga movement, started this day.

First Tuesday of May

World Asthma Day 

World Asthma Day is observed to improve awareness about a respiratory disease called asthma. The annual event is organised by the Global Initiative for Asthma. 

7th May

World Athletics Day

All work, no play, makes Jack a dull and sick boy! World Athletics Day is observed on 7th May to raise awareness about the importance of sports among youth. Schools and institutions are encouraged to espouse athletics as the primary sport. Youth also are encouraged to take up the sport of athletics.

Rabindranath Tagore Jayanti

Rabindranath Tagore Jayanti is the birth anniversary of one of India’s greatest authors, poets, humanists and philosophers. He was born on 7th May 1861 in Kolkata, then known as Calcutta. In 1913, he won the Nobel Prize in Literature for his work Gitanjali.

8th May 

World Red Cross Day

World Red Cross Day marks the birthday of the founder of Red Cross, Henry Dunant. He was a great humanitarian and also founded the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). For his efforts, he became the first-ever recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

World Thalassaemia Day

World Thalassaemia Day is observed every year to honour all those who suffer from Thalassaemia and as well as their brave caregivers. Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder that can be passed on from parent to child.

9th May 

Surdas Jayanti

Surdas Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Sant Surdas. He was born in 1478 C.E. He is one of India’s best known historical poets and musicians and is known for his devotional songs revolving around Lord Krishna’s childhood.

Shankaracharya Jayanti

Shankaracharya Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Shankaracharya, also known as Adi Shankaracharya or Shri Adi Shankaracharya. He was an 8th-century Indian philosopher and theologian. His teachings are said to have influenced the growth of Hinduism in India. He expounded the doctrine of Advaita Vedanta. 

Ramanujacharya Jayanti/Sri Ramanuja Jayanti

Ramanujacharya’s birth anniversary is a reminder of the great Hindu philosopher and scholar. He was an ardent worshiper of Lord Vishnu.

11th May 

National Technology Day

National Technology Day highlights the importance of Science in our daily lives and encourages students to select science as a career option. This day was chosen because  Shakti, the Pokhran nuclear test, was conducted on 11th May 1998.

Second Sunday of May

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of every May to honour all the mothers of the world. The idea of celebrating Mother’s Day to honour mothers and motherhood was given by Anna Jarvis in 1907. Anna Jarvis was a social activist and founded Mother’s Day to honour her mother’s wish after she died.

12th May 

International Nurses Day

International Nurses Day is celebrated annually to commemorate the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Florence Nightingale is known as the founder of modern nursing. This day recognises and honours the contribution of nurses in providing the world with quality healthcare. As part of this day, the International Council of Nurses produces a special themed International Nurses Kit to educate and assist health workers globally every year.

15th May 

International Day of Families/ International Family Day

International Family Day was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly resolution in 1993. It reflects the importance the international community attaches to families. It also attempts to raise awareness about issues related to the families and to increase knowledge about the social, economic and demographic processes that affect them.

17th May

World Telecommunication Day and Information Society Day

World Telecommunication Day marks the founding of the International Telecommunication Unit (ITU) when the first International Telegraph Convention was signed in Paris on 17 May 1865. The purpose of the day is to increase awareness about the potential of the internet and ICT to uplift society and economies and bridge the digital divide.

World Hypertension Day

This day was recognised by the World Hypertension League (WHL). It promotes awareness about a major lifestyle disorder today, i.e. hypertension, and educate people on how to prevent and control it.

18th May

World AIDS Vaccine Day/ HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

This day honours the efforts of thousands of researchers, scientists, health professionals who have worked tirelessly to find safe and effective AIDS medicine. The day also serves as an opportunity to educate people about the importance of preventive HIV vaccine research.

International Museum Day

International Museum Day is observed on 18th May every year to raise awareness about museums and their role in society. This day was created by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) in 1977. The organisation gives different themes to the day every year including globalisation, bridging cultural gaps and environmental care.

21st May 

National Anti-Terrorism Day

Anti-Terrorism Day is observed every year on 21st May in the memory of former Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi who was assassinated on this day. The day spreads awareness about the violence caused by the terrorists.

22nd May 

International Day for Biological Diversity

International Day for Biological Diversity aims to increase awareness and understanding of biodiversity and the threats posed to it by human actions. It is a United Nations-sanctioned international day.

31st May 

Anti-Tobacco Day/ World No Tobacco Day

Anti-Tobacco Day or World No Tobacco Day is a global reminder to people about the harmful effects of tobacco on our health. The nodal body for observing this day is the World Health Organization (WHO). 

So there you have it, the list of Important Days In May. Don’t forget to check out the list of Important Days in other months at Eazyprep!

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