1.Defence and Security

Nagaland declared as “disturbed area” by GoI for 6 months

1 4 Daily Current Affairs Update | 06 July 2020

The entire state of Nagaland has been declared a disturbed area by GoI

The declaration will stay valid till end December.

Nagaland has been under the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) for almost six decades


India ranked 31st most dangerous place in INFORM report

2 4 Daily Current Affairs Update | 06 July 2020

As per the report, India’s global risk index is 5.4

High risks in India include natural disaster, poverty and social injustice

As per the report, Singapore is the least dangerous nation and Somalia the most dangerous

Quick Fact: INFORM is a global initiative of UN organizations, the EU and other civil society and academic actors to provide open source risk assessments for humanitarian crises and disasters.

3.Defence and Security

India and Japan conduct PASSEX naval exercise in Indian Ocean Region

3 4 Daily Current Affairs Update | 06 July 2020

PASSEX naval exercise was conducted jointly by India and Japan near the Malacca Strait in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).

PASSEX stands for PASSing EXercise

This was the 15th PASSEX exercise conducted by the navies and is conducted by goodwill training and understanding

4.Science and Technology

Elyments: First Indian Social Media Super App to be launched on 5th July

4 4 Daily Current Affairs Update | 06 July 2020

The need for an Indian social media app has been long felt for fears related to privacy of data and data ownership

The app has been developed by Sumeru Software Solutions Private Limited.

Elyments will be available in 8 Indian languages and will host features like audio/video conference calls, public profiles for users to follow/subscribe, a secure Elyments Pay payment system, etc.


‘Fit Hai to Hit Hai India’ under Fit India Campaign launched

5 4 Daily Current Affairs Update | 06 July 2020

The aim of the project is to inspire children to stay fit during the pandemic.

It is a part of Fit India Campaign

As part of the program, leading sports celebrities will give talks about their life experiences as well as tips to stay fit.

6.Science and Technology

Mangalyaan captures image of Phobos- Mars’ biggest natural satellite

6 3 Daily Current Affairs Update | 06 July 2020

Mangalyaan, or Mars Orbiter Mission, was launched on 5th November 2013

It has captured images of Phobos, one of the two natural satellites of Mars (the other being Deimos)

Phobos is seven times larger than Deimos.
Quick Fact: Stickney Crater is the largest crater on the Phobos

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