1.Science and Technology

Long March 5B- China’s new Rocket

1 Science And Technology Daily Current Affairs Update | 08 May 2020

China had launched a new rocket and a deep-space spacecraft called Long March 5B

The rocket will help China in:

  1. sending astronauts to space
  2. operating a permanent space station called Tiangong

The rocket was launched from Wenchang launch site of Hainan island
Quick Fact: Deep space refers to distant regions of outer space. However, no limits have been defined for the same.

2. International Affairs

Mustafa Al Kadhimi chosen as new Iraq Prime Minister

2. International Affairs Daily Current Affairs Update | 08 May 2020

Mustafa Al Kadhimi has been chosen as the new Iraq Prime Minister 

His predecessor Adel Abdul Mahdi had to resign due to massive anti-government protests

Al Kadhimi is a former intelligence chief, columnist and editor.
Quick Fact: Iraq president: Barham Salih, Capital: Baghdad, Currency: Dinar

3. International Affairs

Iran’s new currency, Toman, to tackle Inflation

3. International Affairs Daily Current Affairs Update | 08 May 2020

Iran has changed its currency from Rial to Toman.

1 Toman= 100 Gheran = 10000 Rial, thus, Toman removes four zeros from older currency notes.

This move has been made to curb inflation, which has been increasing due to:

  1. Islamic Revolution 1979
  2. End of Iran-Iraq war in 1989: Value of Rial decreased by 100%
  3. International sanctions during President Ahmadinejad’s reign: Value of Rial decreased by 400%
  4. US pulling out of Nuclear Deal: Value of Rial decreased by 600%

Quick Fact: Iran Capital: Tehran, President: Ali Khamenei

4. National Affairs 

Vandhe Bharat Mission: The Biggest Evacuation Exercise

4. National Affairs Daily Current Affairs Update | 08 May 2020

Vandhe Bharat Mission aims at bringing back around 15000 stranded Indians from all over the world

It will also operate non-scheduled commercial flights which will carry people to London, Singapore and some places in USA.

After returning to India, evacuees are to be kept under quarantine for 14 days.

Quick Fact: The operation will be planned by the Home Ministry and led by Air India


Impact of Energy Efficiency Measures 2018-19 report released by MNRE

5 Environment Daily Current Affairs Update | 08 May 2020

As per the report:

  1. India has reduced its energy intensity by 20% as compared to 2005. As per its CoP21 pledge, India has to reduce its energy intensity to 30-35% by 2030.
  2. Its key energy efficiency programmes are UJALA Programme, Perform Achieve and Trade Scheme, Municipal Demand Side Management Programme and Standards and Labelling Programme.

6. Miscellaneous

More rural internet users than urban for the first time in India

6.Misc Daily Current Affairs Update | 08 May 2020

As per a report released by Internet and Mobile Association of India:

  1. Rural India has 10 % more active users than urban India, with 227 million in rural and 205 million in urban India.
  2. India has become the second largest internet user after China.
  3. India is third in terms of internet penetration, with a rate of 40%. China is at 61%, and USA at 88%
  4. Increase in female internet users is higher than increase in male internet users.
  5. Delhi tops in internet penetration followed by Kerala.

Quick Fact: Internet penetration is % of the total population of a country that uses the internet

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