1.National Affairs

Himachal Pradesh: First state with 100% LPG connection coverage

1 7 Daily Current Affairs Update | 09 July 2020

Himachal Pradesh is now the first Indian state where 100% households have LPG gas connections

This coverage has been possible due to:

  1. Central government’s Pradhan Mantri Ujjawala Yojna
  2. State government’s Himachal Grihini Suvidha Yojana

Quick Fact: LPG, Liquified Petroleum Gas, contains a mix of propane and butane

2.Person in News

Book release by Maruti Suzuki Chaimran: Getting Competitive: A Practitioner’s Guide for India

2 7 Daily Current Affairs Update | 09 July 2020

RC Bhargava, the Chairman of Maruti Suzuki, has authored a book called “Getting Competitive: A Practitioner’s Guide for India”

It is based on his experience of being a policymaker and a leading industrialist. 

The book has been published by Harper Collins India.

Quick Fact: Kenichi Ayukawa is the Managing Director and CEO of Maruti Suzuki

3.International Affairs

United States to withdraw from WHO by mid-2021

3 7 Daily Current Affairs Update | 09 July 2020

United States has submitted a notice to United Nations’ Secretary-General to withdraw from WHO by 6th July 2021

This step has been taken by the US President in the backdrop of allegations of mishandling the coronavirus pandemic by the World Health Organisation.

In addition to the withdrawal notice, US has also talked about freezing its funds to WHO

Quick Fact: United States is the largest contributor to the annual budget of the WHO

4.Science and Technology

WHO: Possibility of Airborne and Aerosol Transmission of COVID-19

4 7 Daily Current Affairs Update | 09 July 2020

As per existing WHO research and guidelines, COVID-19 infection was being spread through droplet transmission, i.e., expelled droplets from an infected person’s mouth and nose.

However, recent research has shown that there is a possibility that COVID-19 infection can be spread through tiny airborne particles.

This finding is not definitive as of now, since such spread has only been studied in specific conditions like poorly ventilated areas.

Quick Fact: World Health Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland

5.International Affairs

Bhutan-China Boundary Negotiations

5 7 Daily Current Affairs Update | 09 July 2020

During June’s U.N. Development Programme’s Global Environment Facility (GEF) meeting, China objected to funding for development of Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary which it sees as a disputed property

However, Bhutan has claimed long-standing sovereignty over the area.

Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary is located in an Eastern Bhutan district which borders Arunachal Pradesh.

The ongoing dispute by China is being seen as a pressure tactic for India.


Golden Birdwing: Largest Butterfly in India

6 6 Daily Current Affairs Update | 09 July 2020

Golden Birdwing has been found to be the largest butterfly in India based on wingspan length of 194 mm

The habitat of the butterfly ranges from Uttarakhand to Shillong

Earlier, Southern Birdwing butterfly was considered to be the largest butterfly in India

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