1.Government Schemes

MP: First state to provide Mid-Day Meal ration

1 1 Daily Current Affairs Update | 11 May 2020

In Madhya Pradesh, mid day meal rations will be sent to students at their home.

This is being done to ensure that children obtain optimum nutrition which they were missing out due to schools being closed in the lockdown

The distribution will be done with the help of Anganwadi workers, Panchayat representatives, and local teachers.
Quick Fact: The Mid Day Meal Scheme was launched in 1995.

2.Person in News

Dia Mirza to be UNEP’s goodwill ambassador till 2022

2 1 Daily Current Affairs Update | 11 May 2020

United Nations Environment Programme has extended the term of actress and environmentalist Dia Mirza as the Goodwill Ambassador of India till 2022

As part of this role, she will continue spreading information about key environmental concerns

She is also United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goal Advocate

Quick Fact: Headquarters of UNEP is located in Nairobi, Kenya.

3.Science and Technology

CSIR’s NMITLI Programme conducts ‘hmAbs’ trial to neutralize COVID-19

3 1 Daily Current Affairs Update | 11 May 2020

NMITLI will develop and clone human monoclonal antibodies (hmAbs) which will neutralise COVID-19 virus in patients.

The antibodies will be generated from patients that are in convalescent phase (who are recovering)

NMITLI is the largest PPP model of Research and Development programme in India

Quick Fact: The coronavirus monoclonal neutralizing antibodies were first developed by Israel


Global Energy Review 2020 released by International Energy Agency

4 1 Daily Current Affairs Update | 11 May 2020

The report highlights the global energy demand and carbon dioxide emissions in 2020.

This is based on data from 30 countries

According to the report, 15% of the daily electricity demand has been reduced due to lockdown.

Carbon Dioxide Emissions have also declined by 8% as compared to 2019 levels.

5.India and the World

AIIB approves 500 million USD for India

5 2 Daily Current Affairs Update | 11 May 2020

The funds are meant to:

  1. scale up the containment efforts and strengthen the health system.
  1. support research that is being conducted in collaboration with ICMR.
  2. focus on community engagement and risk communication strategies.

Quick Fact: Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is headquartered in Beijing, China.


INR-USD Futures and Options Contracts launched by Finance Minister

6 1 Daily Current Affairs Update | 11 May 2020

Finance minister launched the INR-USD Futures and Options contracts in the BSE and NSE platforms.

They were launched at the GIFT International Financial Service Centre (IFSC) in Gandhinagar

This move allows the RBI to reduce foreign influence on the Indian currency and stabilise it.

Reduced volatility in the Indian rupee will reduce the risk of inflation in India.

Quick Fact: Future and Options are financial products that allow investors to buy or sell shares

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