1. Art and Culture

Hindi Translation of Odisha Itihaas Released

1 6 Daily Current Affairs Update | 12 April 2021

Hindi translation of “Odisha Itihaas” was released by PM Modi

The book was written by Utkal Keshari Dr Harekrushna Mahatab when he was in Ahemadnagar jail.

He was a freedom fighter and the first Chief Minister of Odisha.

  1. Science and Technology

AI for Agriculture Hackathon held by Google, GoI

2 6 Daily Current Affairs Update | 12 April 2021

Google, HUL and MyGov have jointly held an Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Agriculture Hackathon.

This initiative aims to boost AI solutions in the field of Agriculture.

The initiative was launched on World Water Day.

Quick Fact: Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Google.

  1. Geography

Volcano erupts in Southern Caribbean Island

3 6 Daily Current Affairs Update | 12 April 2021

A volcano called La Sourfriere volcano erupted recently.

It is located on the eastern Caribbean island.

It has erupted 5 times in recent history, with the last eruption in 1979.

Quick Fact: La Sourfriere means “Sulphur Outlet” in French

  1. Environment

Endemic species in danger due to GHG emissions rise

4 6 Daily Current Affairs Update | 12 April 2021

As per a study published in the journal Biological Conservation, many animals and plants might face extinction if the level of greenhouse gas emissions continues to rise.

As per the report,

  1. By 2050, the islands in Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and the Western Ghats will lose most of their endemic plants if current trends continue
  2. All islandic endemic species in islands are at high risk of extinction
  3. 4 out of every 5 endemic species in mountains are at the high risk of extinction
  4. In tropical regions, > 60% of endemic species are facing extinction

5) Miscellaneous

World Homeopathy Day Celebrated on 10th April

5 6 Daily Current Affairs Update | 12 April 2021

World Homeopathy day is celebrated on 10th April every year.

It commemorates the birth anniversary of the founder of Homeopathy, Dr Samuel Hahnemann.

The theme for this year’s World Homeopathy Day in India was, ‘Homeopathy: Roadmap for Integrative Medicine’

Quick Fact: The basic ideology behind homeopathy is ‘Like Cures Like’.

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