1. Science and Tech

India develops cost effective Solar Receiver Tube Technology

Solar 1 Daily Current Affairs Update | 14 March 2020

ARCI-International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials operating under DST (Department of Science and Technology) has developed the technology The solar receiver tubes absorb solar energy and convert the heat to required application. They are better suited to Indian weather as they provide high resistance to corrosion The technology is a wet chemical process that is used to coat stainless steel tubes

Quick Facts: The development will help India decrease its import of high-end Concentrating Solar Panel receivers for CST (concentrating solar technologies).

2. Miscellaneous

India ranks second in Animal Protection Index

Api Daily Current Affairs Update | 14 March 2020

Global Animal Protection Index 2020 is released by World Animal Protection It is an international animal welfare charity India was ranked along with Spain, Mexico, France and New Zealand as the best performing countries The Index assesses the animal protection legislation of 50 countries and ranks them from A to G categories

3. National Affairs

Mumbai Central Station renamed to Nana Shankarseth

Mumbai Central Daily Current Affairs Update | 14 March 2020

Maharashtra Cabinet approved the proposal to rename Mumbai Central Station to Nana Shankarseth As per process, Central Railways will have the final say in the name change, while final authorization will be done by the Railway minister. In case of name change of cities, town or villages, suggestions are sent by the State Government to the Home Ministry which then has the final say.

Quick Facts: Jagannath Shankarseth launched Indian Railway Association along with Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy. He was instrumental in the launch of railways in India.

4. Science and tech

CSIR develops Bi-Luminescent Security Ink

Csir Daily Current Affairs Update | 14 March 2020

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research along with National Physical Laboratory recently discovered a bi-luminescent security ink. The ink shall be used to identify counterfeit currency notes as well as in passports The ink is white in colour under normal white light. It turns red under UV light, and green when the UV is switched off. The emission of red colour is due to fluorescence and the emission of green colour is due to phosphorescence effect.

Quick Facts: Fluorescence is the emission of light by a substance that has absorbed electromagnetic radiation. Phosphorescence is the delayed re-emission of absorbed energy and lasts longer than flourescence.

5. Government Schemes

Committee formed for the implementation of Kisan Rail Scheme

Govt Schemes Daily Current Affairs Update | 14 March 2020

The Kisan Rail is being launched to set up a national cold supply chain in the country. The Centre is planning to transport fish, milk and meat under the scheme. The new committee will explore into the options of creating cold supply chain for perishable goods.

Quick Facts: The scheme is to be implemented under Public-Private Partnership.

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