1. National Affairs

India launches MANAS app

India Launches Manas Mitra App To Promote Mental Wellbeing Of Citizens

Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India has launched an app called MANAS.

MANAS stands for Mental Health and Normalcy Augmentation System.

It is a comprehensive and national digital wellbeing platform.

2. Economy

Flipkart to acquire Cleartrip

Flipkart Acquires 100% Stake In Cleartrip

Flipkart is an E-Commerce company.

It has announced that it will be acquiring Cleartrip, a leading online travel and technology company.

Cleartrip offers travelling services like booking train and flight tickets, hotel reservations and etc. in India and in middle east countries. 

Quick Fact: Cleartrip was founded by Hrush Bhatt, Matthew Spacie and Stuart Crighton.

3. Environment

Facebook’s signs up for first renewable project in India

Facebook Signs First Deal To Acquire Renewable Energy In India

Facebook has signed a deal to buy renewable energy in India from an Indian firm called CleanMax.

The energy purchased from CleanMax will be used to power its data centre in India.

The project will be located in Karnataka.

4. Science and Technology

CNES to help in India’s first Human Space Mission

Gaganyaan Mission: India, France Sign Agreement For Cooperation

CNES stands for Centre National d’etudes Spatiales. It is France’s space agency, its National Centre for Space Studies.

ISRO has signed an agreement with CNES to help India in its first Human Space Mission called the Gaganyaan.

The agreement includes help in training, equipment and information exchange from CNES.

Quick Fact: Gaganyaan mission aims to send a three-member crew to space for five to seven days by 2022

5. Economy

UNFPA release study on Female Bodily Autonomy

Un: Only Half Of Women In Developing World Have Body Autonomy | News | Dw |  14.04.2021

United Nations Population Fund released a report “My Body is My Own”.

This report talks about how much autonomy females have over their own bodies, as well as how respective countries’ laws enable this autonomy.

% of women who have bodily autonomy are:

  1. 76% in southeastern and eastern Asian countries.
  2. 50% in sub–Saharan Africa and south and central Asian countries.
  3. 10% in Niger, Mali and Senegal.

6. Environment

Change in Forest Fire season in Uttarakhand

Climate Change Is Real: Six Months On, Uttarakhand Forests Still Ablaze

Uttarakhand usually sees a surge in forest fires from mid-February to June, however recently the fires started in October 2020 and are still burning in April 2021

Forest fires require oxygen, fuel (dry leaves) and temperature, all of which are easily available in Uttarakhand forests in Summer.

Steps are being taken to include local communities in forest preservation efforts and help in recharging of groundwater to keep the soil moist. 

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